Everyday, every moment make a good decisions!

This journey has shown me that the reason why I never was able to keep the weight I would loss off was because I would lose and then just go back to my old habits.  Old habits die-hard they say…well they sure do!  Took me till I was 36 to see the logic in if you eat bad and don’t work out all the hard work will be lost in a heartbeat!

I constantly think about making good decisions!  I wake every morning and choose a healthy breakfast!  I am realistic with what I have because I have two small kids that I have to get up and out the door every morning!  My food is different now from when I first began this journey I have to admit.  I started committing to “my fitness pal”!  I promised myself I would do it for 2 weeks and do it religiously.  It reminded me of when I was a teenager and did weight watchers with my mom.  She was a member and I just followed her program with her support.  It sure helped me to see what I was putting in my mouth and what I wanted to really eat or not.

If you have not tried “my fitness pal” or something like it I suggest you do.  Make a small commitment that is realistic to you!  Start there…


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