My ah ha moment if you will…

It took my son getting sick and hospitalized and me getting sick after that to learn that I always put everyone before me!  I ran myself ragged to see that he was better never taking care of myself to only be so sick I missed christmas:(. I wasn’t able to eat much when I was sick so when I was feeling better I saw it as a way to try to control my portions.  First step!

Second step came with the new year!  I committed to join a gym that I knew my kids could be in the childcare and I could workout!  My son cried every time I dropped him off and as hard as that was he was my second child and I knew it was just a phase he and I had to get through!  Thanks goodness the childcare woman was so kind and sweet!  I then committed in my head that this was “me time” and no matter what nobody was taking it from me!  Two years later nobody and no outside event gets in the way.  I do take one day off a week and that is hard for me.  I joke and call it my church!  In the beginning I went 7 days a week.  For me I couldn’t take a day off it was too easy for me to make excuses for taking other days off!  Life is busy!  We allow ourselves to guilt ourselves out of things!  The gym wasn’t going to be one of them for me!  Still to this day when someone wants me to do something or go somewhere I tell them 11am or after is great:). Make yourself a priority!  You will be a happier person I promise!


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