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I wanted to share with you a cardio routine I tried yesterday.  It said it burns 500 calories.  It is a change of pace which I felt I needed.   Where I am with my normal jogging routine I upped speed and incline for all but did the suggested duration.  I was so focused on the routine that I didn’t have time to think about “when is it going to be over” lol!

Speed    Incline    Duration

4 mph   5%          5 Min

6 mph   2%          3 Min

7 mph   2%          1 Min

3 mph   10%        1 Min  Total 10 minutes.  Repeat 4 more times!

I gave you a bunch of book suggestions and forgot to tell you about Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD.  Good read!

I just picked up a book from the library today…I will let you know if there is anything good to share!




Lets talk pain.  I am sure you all remember a workout when you were in so much pain you actually could hear the ambulance pulling up. (lol)  There are different types of pain as we all know!  There is true pain when you know something isn’t right and you should stop what you’re doing and seek medical attention.  There is the pain when your running and your lungs hurt, your ribs hurt, your hands are numb and your legs feel like jelly not to mention that back hurts so bad you think you might have just shed a tear.  Your head is working overtime to sabotage you!  This is that pivotal moment when we decide to let exercise conquer us or we allow the motivation and drive within us to make it to the end of that small goal we set for ourselves!  I have been in both situations before.  I told you this is a newer journey for me.  The gym is not new to me nor is exercise!  In the past I allowed exercise conquor me.  The pain I felt was enough to make me not return for months.  Guess what that got me…5 pounds heavier than I was before, more discouraged and depressed!

Whatever your routine is figure out what truly motivates you!  Find out what will drive you to want more for yourself.  We all can half ass it!  I used to do that every time I went to the gym!  I would walk at a very slow pace on treadmill or elliptical never shedding one bead of sweat!  In my head though I went to the gym and that was good enough.  That is not good enough if you want change!  Push yourself to that uncomfortable place but because your mind is prepared you will only be uncomfortable instead of in pain!  Allow the uncomfortable feeling to make you want to finish!  I was doing bulgarian lunges the other day with kettlebells and on my third set I got to 10 and my mind told me that it hurt so bad to stop.  I actually moaned out loud.  I told myself I have 5 more I can quit and be disappointed in myself or I can keep going and feel like I conquered the world today!  Killed it!  Count in 5’s when you do your sets.  Getting to 5 seems so much easier!  This has not been an easy journey!  I don’t look like this because I didn’t work hard.  I choose to motivate myself every day with my food decisions and my motivation to workout.  If you can’t run then walk.  If you can’t get to the gym do a routine at home.  Just move and move till you sweat:)

When you are ready you will find what drives you to want to change.  You will want to get up and put your running shoes on, you will need to do arms!  You will want to eat the orange instead of the cookie!  You will because you will finally want to change!  Excuses don’t burn calories;)

Are you tired of starting over?  Stop quitting!  We all need support during this journey.  Find someone who really wants to support and encourage you and lean on them as much as you need!  If your local I am happy to be your person!  You can workout with me at Vive!  I am there everyday:)

This is the exercise I was doing the other day when I thought I should write about “pain”.  http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/training/lose-pounds-plyo?page=3

So it began…

So in the beginning of my journey I watched every weight loss episode of Dr. Oz as well as googled weight loss, recipes etc.  I wanted to get as much information as I could.  I yearned for it!  I wanted to be informed!  If this was going to be a lifestyle change I needed to figure out how to make that possible.  I had to learn how to change my styles of cooking and grocery shopping!  I had to learn how to have restraint living in a household with two small children that didn’t need to loose weight!  Not to mention that their diet mainly consists of pretzals, PB&J, chicken nuggets and french fries.  Those things might sound gross to you but when your first starting this journey anything that isn’t “healthy” is tempting!

First, I read Haylie Pomroy’s book The Fast metabolism Diet.  It was a good read!  I really thought her information about our body chemistry and having a work up done to tell you what your numbers are lacking was really interesting.  I didn’t feel that I needed to go that route but made note for if there is a need in the future!  She writes in phases which is helpful for many!  She also gives you food lists which are a great tool!  I bought the foods that I was willing to eat.  Some foods I never ate before some that I was willing to try again just because I knew they were good for me.  Really having a better understanding about why certain foods are good for you helped me to be willing to try something new.  I stuck with certain foods and now love them.  If you asked me 2 years ago about eating kale and drinking green tea I would have laughed literally in your face and went to the freezer to get the ice cream out and a spoon!  No need for a bowl because there was no portion control!

Second I read one of Chris Powell’s books.  It was about carb cycling.  I am not a stupid girl but I have to admit it was a lot to think about so much so that I knew immediately it wouldn’t work for me.  That said I took his advice about how much water I should be drinking to heart!  Half your body weight in ounces a day!  I also looked over his food lists and seeing the crossover from Haylie’s book I made even more of an effort to buy and learn to like some of those foods.  I am sure many of you know Heidi and Chris and his show Extreme Weight loss so having watched you know he is someone to respect!

Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live books are the final books I will mention.  He has a great concept and offers many recipes!  I really enjoyed learning his weight loss techniques and took what I was capable of from what I read.  I still have many of his recipes that I made copies of and make all the time!

So, I encourage you to check out some of these books if you haven’t already!  You don’t have to invest a cent into this…just borrow them from the library!  Do research!  Soak up this information and allow it to encourage you towards a healthy path.  Be informed!  The more informed you are the more you will want this!  Another way to become driven is to challenge yourself to eat things you normally wouldn’t!  Go a step further and learn to like them and incorporate them into your daily life!  I need to be truthful with all of you reading this blog…I was honest with myself when reading all of these books!  I knew I couldn’t follow any one of their plans so I took what I was capable of from each plan and incorporated it into my life with exercise and so my journey began!

Watch this!!   http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/how-get-your-fat-eat-itself


There is a lot of chatter about judgment these days!  We all know that we shouldn’t judge others but what about ourselves?  Nobody judges themselves harsher then we do!  I am my worst critic some days!  With all I have done to get to the place I am I still have days that I look into the mirror and don’t feel pretty.  I convince myself that I am chubby!  I made a huge goal when I started this journey.  I never ever told anyone about it.  Too much pressure!  So I met that goal 150 pounds.  I have exceeded it even but that is my number (150).  I will not allow myself to go over!  I am still there but everyday all day I have to think about my actions!  I constantly think about what I am preparing to eat, what I drink and getting in my exercise.  I don’t think too much about it so its bothersome but I really believe that is the difference in why I have been able to maintain for so long.  I want you to hear this loud and clear be kind to yourself!  Don’t judge yourself harshly!  Take time for yourself. Don’t reward yourself with food!  Reward yourself with praise, maybe a new shirt, manicure or just some time to yourself doing what you love!  Surround yourself with people that are good for you!  I finally realized after too many years that I don’t want a ton of friends.  I just want true friends!  A new goal for myself among many is as hard as I try not to judge others I am going to try not to judge myself!

I am a huge sweets girl.  Lately though I have been all about chips and dip!  I made my own tortilla chips by cutting up CORN tortillas into triangles placing them on a baking sheet and spray them with some Pam or whatever you have in the house.  I use coconut oil spray from Trader Joes.  If you want to salt them do so after you spray then bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes.  Make or buy Pico De Gallo its 5 calories per 2 Tbsp.  Great snack and you can have a decent amount so your not feeling deprived!!

Winter Blah’s

We all get into ruts right?  I know I do!  Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything!  Not shopping, cooking, working out…ANYTHING!  So where do you get your motivation to stay on track?  Find your drive within yourself!  Speak to yourself!  Maybe not out loud…I don’t want you looking crazy!  Tell yourself over and over that this is the journey you want and you want that more than feeling defeated by your winter blah’s!  Get on the internet or pinterest and look up some new recipes and make a list for the grocery store!  Put the music on and dance around your kitchen cooking up some new recipes that will spark your taste buds!

Get on Itunes and download a few free podcasts or music that will make you want to move!  I don’t know what I would do without my podcasts!  I allow the music to be a huge motivator for me!  I will jog a little faster or do a few more reps if the music moves me!

If you don’t belong to a gym the winter is the best time to go to a gym and ask for a free week pass!  Use the pass to change things up for yourself!  You might love it so much it might become your “church” like it is mine:)  Tired of the gym use the cable you pay all that money for and go to your ON DEMAND and do an exercise routine of your choice.  I used to do Julian Michael’s 30 day shred routines after I had my first child.  It kicked my butt!

I am not going to lie to you all…I am not a class girl at the gym.  I found that when my journey first began I would find the one person in the class that didn’t want to be there as much as I didn’t and slack off.  I push myself much more on my own.  I know that isn’t the case for everyone so know your strengths and stick with it!  If you normally don’t do well on your own try getting on a machine next to someone who you feel is similar in capabilities as yourself and try to exceed what they are doing!  I know that might sound a little crazy but check out what pace they are walking or jogging at.  Look at their time, check out their mileage and make it make you want more!  Exceed what they are doing!  Stand next to the person that kicks ass in the class and try to keep up with them!  Everything is mind over matter!  Let your mind take over and be strong!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Not too much valentine’s candy!  If you do have it watch your portions and try to go for the dark chocolate!  My favorite is dark chocolate covered walnuts!  YUM!

Invest in yourself!

I never really saw the importance in buying running sneakers or special workout clothes.  If your like me spending money on my children or household items is so easy but for myself I tend to talk myself out of it.  I frequent the gym 6 or 7 days a week so why would I not invest in great gear!  I now have purchased a great pair of running and crossfit sneakers as well as gloves for strength training!  Even boxing gloves for when I want to hit the bag!  Having clothes that I am comfortable in as well as feel good about myself are important!  If you feel good about what you’re wearing whether it is to go to a business meeting or to hit the gym you will always have a different attitude going in!  Invest in your fitness lifestyle!

Investing in yourself also goes for how you spend your money on your food!  It is much cheaper to buy the processed crap that is out there but don’t do it!  I created a food budget for myself so there is not talking myself out of buying the food that is best for me.  I found myself driving all over creation to buy organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables and realized there has to be a better way!  I now am part of a co-op called Purple Dragon.  It has been a wonderful way for me to try new things!  Things I never would have thought I would enjoy!  You don’t know what you’re getting until the night before you pick up your share.  The fruits or veggies I have not cooked with before I google recipes or pinterest them.  There is also another company called Door to Door Organics that I have not tried but heard good things about!  If you join a co-op or just spend your money at the grocery store purchasing the items to keep yourself on the healthy journey you are investing in yourself!

Here is a great recipe that I often make on Sunday’s and eat with my lunch or even as a snack sometimes!  Quinoa Zucchini Cheese Bites


Your Comfort Zone

Lets talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!  We all are most comfortable doing the exercises at the gym or at home that we know how to do.  If you have been doing the same strength training program for more than 4-6 weeks its time to change-up your routine!  If you go to the gym and always do the elliptical machine or jog on the treadmill its time for a change.  Its time to step up your game.  If you’re not sweating when you get off the machine or are done with your DVD you did you’re not working yourself to your fullest potential.  I am speaking to those of you that are looking for change.  If you want to fit in your skinny jeans or are planning a vacation and want to get into a bathing suit step up your game!  Changing your strength training routine allows you to work on different areas of your body focusing on what you really want to tone up.  Putting the resistance up on the machine will show you that you have successfully worked up to that level and are ready for more!  Have you ever tried HIT?  High Intensity Training…if you like to use the machines try this out!  It really helps to burn the belly fat!  It will burn more calories that your normal cardio workout.  Start by walking at a decent pace for 1.5 to 2 minutes then sprint for 30 seconds to a minute to start.  Sprint not jog!  Try to set a goal of doing this 6 times.  Your body might be telling you that you can’t do it but let your mind tell you different!  Tighten up your laces, put your favorite song on that gets you amped and kill it!

If its change you want then go after it!  Let nothing stand in your way!  Spring is around the corner and by spring the rush will be on to lose weight for summer!  Why not start loosing now?

Hint:  Don’t set yourself up for failure…have healthy portioned snacks in your pocketbook or car so when your on the go you can make good decisions.  My go to snacks are almonds, walnuts, whole grain fig bars or a Kashi Chia bar.