Weighing In!

Start with portion control!  Next shop, cook and eat healthier.  I find a lot of great recipes on Pinterest!  Feel free to follow my food board “a healthy me” and my exercise board “because I can” under Meghan Woodruff MacNeill!

Weighing in was important in the beginning part of my journey.  The scale can be scary or it can be a powerful motivator!  In the past I weighed myself once a week or every two weeks but when I would see no loss or gain and then tell myself that this was just the way I was meant to be!  I chose not to fear the scale anymore and started weighing myself every morning.  My morning routine would be to wake go to the bathroom then strip down and get on the scale.  I kept a notecard in my drawer next to my bed and I would write the date and weight.  I wrote it down once a week sometimes more.  It became a personal challenge to make sure that next time I wrote down my weight that it would be less!  I changed my whole frame of mind from “I can’t or that will never be me” to “I can”!  Believe in yourself!  Be positive and please please stop saying “I can’t”!!  Just as I have done you can too!  Our journeys will never look the same but can have the same final outcome.  First change your frame of mind.  Always build your own confidence and tell yourself you can!  Say it over and over in your head!  Surround yourself with supporters not doubters!

Here is a recipe for you to try this week:)  I have made it just as it is and I have added grape tomatoes instead of the kale.  Feel free to add spinach or swiss chard instead of kale too!



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