Small goals…

Some mornings I get up and I can’t even fathom how I am going to get myself to the gym let alone actually workout!  Once I put my mind into workout mode I find the drive within myself.  My mind might be telling me no or I can’t but NEVER EVER will you hear me say I can’t!  Please take I can’t out of your vocabulary!  Replace it will I will try my hardest!

Whether you’re doing a DVD workout program, a workout program you found online or you’re at the gym set small goals.  Tiny goals!  For example I will get on the treadmill to jog and commit myself to staying on for 10 minutes.  Saying over and over in my head “you got this” because I can”!  I find a focal point and stare at it.  I allow my music to overwhelm me pushing me to jog a little faster.  Once I hit the 10 minute mark and realize I didn’t fall off or die I let that inspire me to stay on for another 5 minute goal.  Those tiny goals work for me.  I get such satisfaction meeting the goal that it drives me to want more.  I will look at the machine I am on and see that I am almost at a mile and want to stay on to get to the mile or to burn a certain amount of calories!

I never in a million years thought this would be my frame of mind or body.  I know that this is forever because its my way of life not a diet.  Now tonight or tomorrow when you workout…set a small goal!  Come back and post a comment and tell me what goal you met:)

PS  Are you drinking your water?


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