No Cheat Day!

So as we sail into the weekend I wanted to bring up “cheat days”!  I don’t do cheat days.  In the past I did but I would wait all week for that cheat day and go nuts from the second I opened my eyes till I closed them to go to bed.  I know I keep saying this is a lifestyle change to you all and I am going to say it again!  This is a lifestyle you are trying to achieve!  You should eat as healthy as possible all week long!  Maybe you have a party to go to, plans with friends or just feel like eating ice cream!  You can plan for that by knowing that is your “cheat food” and your going to hit the gym hard and eat as healthy as possible all day long until you have that event!  Allow yourself to enjoy the party and the food and drink!  No guilt!  No judgement of yourself!  Enjoy it so you can keep going with your journey to eat healthy and exercise.

It is rare but I do over eat and over eat the wrong things.  For example I was out at someones house for dinner and they prepared this huge Italian feast.  I ate everything they had to offer!  Stuff I don’t even really like!  I call it my “inner fat girl”.  She came out!  I never felt so sick literally and judged myself so harshly on my way home.  I  realized I could see this as a set back or see this as a challenge to go right back to the lifestyle I set in place for myself!  I will always have that “inner fat girl” in me.  I told you I never looked like I do now for this long.  It has never been a lifestyle for me.  The difference in achieving my goals is because this is a lifestyle!  Be conscious of your “inner fat girl”!  If it happens see it as a way to jump right back on the healthy wagon!

The weekends are my favorite time to cook for the week coming!  I make different healthy meals and snacks to have in the house all week long so I am not tempted to make bad decisions!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Check out this recipe below!

I make and freeze them.  I pop them in the toaster oven for breakfast!  If your following me on pinterest I went though my “healthy me” board and commented and put my initials next to all recipes I made!


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