Your Comfort Zone

Lets talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!  We all are most comfortable doing the exercises at the gym or at home that we know how to do.  If you have been doing the same strength training program for more than 4-6 weeks its time to change-up your routine!  If you go to the gym and always do the elliptical machine or jog on the treadmill its time for a change.  Its time to step up your game.  If you’re not sweating when you get off the machine or are done with your DVD you did you’re not working yourself to your fullest potential.  I am speaking to those of you that are looking for change.  If you want to fit in your skinny jeans or are planning a vacation and want to get into a bathing suit step up your game!  Changing your strength training routine allows you to work on different areas of your body focusing on what you really want to tone up.  Putting the resistance up on the machine will show you that you have successfully worked up to that level and are ready for more!  Have you ever tried HIT?  High Intensity Training…if you like to use the machines try this out!  It really helps to burn the belly fat!  It will burn more calories that your normal cardio workout.  Start by walking at a decent pace for 1.5 to 2 minutes then sprint for 30 seconds to a minute to start.  Sprint not jog!  Try to set a goal of doing this 6 times.  Your body might be telling you that you can’t do it but let your mind tell you different!  Tighten up your laces, put your favorite song on that gets you amped and kill it!

If its change you want then go after it!  Let nothing stand in your way!  Spring is around the corner and by spring the rush will be on to lose weight for summer!  Why not start loosing now?

Hint:  Don’t set yourself up for failure…have healthy portioned snacks in your pocketbook or car so when your on the go you can make good decisions.  My go to snacks are almonds, walnuts, whole grain fig bars or a Kashi Chia bar.


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