Invest in yourself!

I never really saw the importance in buying running sneakers or special workout clothes.  If your like me spending money on my children or household items is so easy but for myself I tend to talk myself out of it.  I frequent the gym 6 or 7 days a week so why would I not invest in great gear!  I now have purchased a great pair of running and crossfit sneakers as well as gloves for strength training!  Even boxing gloves for when I want to hit the bag!  Having clothes that I am comfortable in as well as feel good about myself are important!  If you feel good about what you’re wearing whether it is to go to a business meeting or to hit the gym you will always have a different attitude going in!  Invest in your fitness lifestyle!

Investing in yourself also goes for how you spend your money on your food!  It is much cheaper to buy the processed crap that is out there but don’t do it!  I created a food budget for myself so there is not talking myself out of buying the food that is best for me.  I found myself driving all over creation to buy organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables and realized there has to be a better way!  I now am part of a co-op called Purple Dragon.  It has been a wonderful way for me to try new things!  Things I never would have thought I would enjoy!  You don’t know what you’re getting until the night before you pick up your share.  The fruits or veggies I have not cooked with before I google recipes or pinterest them.  There is also another company called Door to Door Organics that I have not tried but heard good things about!  If you join a co-op or just spend your money at the grocery store purchasing the items to keep yourself on the healthy journey you are investing in yourself!

Here is a great recipe that I often make on Sunday’s and eat with my lunch or even as a snack sometimes!  Quinoa Zucchini Cheese Bites


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