Winter Blah’s

We all get into ruts right?  I know I do!  Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything!  Not shopping, cooking, working out…ANYTHING!  So where do you get your motivation to stay on track?  Find your drive within yourself!  Speak to yourself!  Maybe not out loud…I don’t want you looking crazy!  Tell yourself over and over that this is the journey you want and you want that more than feeling defeated by your winter blah’s!  Get on the internet or pinterest and look up some new recipes and make a list for the grocery store!  Put the music on and dance around your kitchen cooking up some new recipes that will spark your taste buds!

Get on Itunes and download a few free podcasts or music that will make you want to move!  I don’t know what I would do without my podcasts!  I allow the music to be a huge motivator for me!  I will jog a little faster or do a few more reps if the music moves me!

If you don’t belong to a gym the winter is the best time to go to a gym and ask for a free week pass!  Use the pass to change things up for yourself!  You might love it so much it might become your “church” like it is mine:)  Tired of the gym use the cable you pay all that money for and go to your ON DEMAND and do an exercise routine of your choice.  I used to do Julian Michael’s 30 day shred routines after I had my first child.  It kicked my butt!

I am not going to lie to you all…I am not a class girl at the gym.  I found that when my journey first began I would find the one person in the class that didn’t want to be there as much as I didn’t and slack off.  I push myself much more on my own.  I know that isn’t the case for everyone so know your strengths and stick with it!  If you normally don’t do well on your own try getting on a machine next to someone who you feel is similar in capabilities as yourself and try to exceed what they are doing!  I know that might sound a little crazy but check out what pace they are walking or jogging at.  Look at their time, check out their mileage and make it make you want more!  Exceed what they are doing!  Stand next to the person that kicks ass in the class and try to keep up with them!  Everything is mind over matter!  Let your mind take over and be strong!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Not too much valentine’s candy!  If you do have it watch your portions and try to go for the dark chocolate!  My favorite is dark chocolate covered walnuts!  YUM!


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