Lets talk pain.  I am sure you all remember a workout when you were in so much pain you actually could hear the ambulance pulling up. (lol)  There are different types of pain as we all know!  There is true pain when you know something isn’t right and you should stop what you’re doing and seek medical attention.  There is the pain when your running and your lungs hurt, your ribs hurt, your hands are numb and your legs feel like jelly not to mention that back hurts so bad you think you might have just shed a tear.  Your head is working overtime to sabotage you!  This is that pivotal moment when we decide to let exercise conquer us or we allow the motivation and drive within us to make it to the end of that small goal we set for ourselves!  I have been in both situations before.  I told you this is a newer journey for me.  The gym is not new to me nor is exercise!  In the past I allowed exercise conquor me.  The pain I felt was enough to make me not return for months.  Guess what that got me…5 pounds heavier than I was before, more discouraged and depressed!

Whatever your routine is figure out what truly motivates you!  Find out what will drive you to want more for yourself.  We all can half ass it!  I used to do that every time I went to the gym!  I would walk at a very slow pace on treadmill or elliptical never shedding one bead of sweat!  In my head though I went to the gym and that was good enough.  That is not good enough if you want change!  Push yourself to that uncomfortable place but because your mind is prepared you will only be uncomfortable instead of in pain!  Allow the uncomfortable feeling to make you want to finish!  I was doing bulgarian lunges the other day with kettlebells and on my third set I got to 10 and my mind told me that it hurt so bad to stop.  I actually moaned out loud.  I told myself I have 5 more I can quit and be disappointed in myself or I can keep going and feel like I conquered the world today!  Killed it!  Count in 5’s when you do your sets.  Getting to 5 seems so much easier!  This has not been an easy journey!  I don’t look like this because I didn’t work hard.  I choose to motivate myself every day with my food decisions and my motivation to workout.  If you can’t run then walk.  If you can’t get to the gym do a routine at home.  Just move and move till you sweat:)

When you are ready you will find what drives you to want to change.  You will want to get up and put your running shoes on, you will need to do arms!  You will want to eat the orange instead of the cookie!  You will because you will finally want to change!  Excuses don’t burn calories;)

Are you tired of starting over?  Stop quitting!  We all need support during this journey.  Find someone who really wants to support and encourage you and lean on them as much as you need!  If your local I am happy to be your person!  You can workout with me at Vive!  I am there everyday:)

This is the exercise I was doing the other day when I thought I should write about “pain”.


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