Spring Ahead!

So tonight the clocks go ahead.  I am eager for spring!  I can’t wait to wear my maxi skirt, tank top and flip-flops!  I always push the flip-flops a little early in the spring and a little late in the fall.  I can’t help it…I am a flip-flop girl:)

With spring upon us have you thought about any goals for your weight loss/fitness journey?  My current journey is to maintain but I am thinking with spring fever I might want to lose a couple of pounds…  Who is with me?  I want to be comfortable when I take my jean jacket off on those nice spring days!  I want to run at my best pace in the Spring Lake 5!  Have you ever run in a 5K or any race?  I ran my first in April 2013.  I signed up and went on the fast track of training for a 5k.  I was so nervous the morning before I think I woke up around 4am.  I got there so early I helped set up! LOL  I think raising the money for the ARC and all those people who donated made me feel like they had invested in me.  I felt a lot of pressure to do well and to finish well!  When it came right down to it I ran it with a time I was proud.  The pressure I put myself through made me feel like this was a one and done experience.

Last year I was invited last-minute to run the Spring Lake 5 and I went into it with little to no nerves.  I hadn’t trained so there were no expectations.  I told my family who I was running with that all I wanted to do was finish.  Well I finished and I finished with a darn good time!  I really believe it was a combo of things.  I think not training and not putting pressure on myself helped.  Not raising money and feeling people had invested in me.  If you have ever ran or attended this event there are so many people running that you have no choice but to run with the pack and keep moving.  I did just that!  I can with the pack and bobbed and weaved my way though.  I didn’t sprint across the finish but I sure did jog across it.  I am all signed up for this year and with only expectation!  I would like to run maybe even sprint across that finish line!

Have you considered registering for a 5k?  Its 3.1 miles.  Register and begin training.  I think its great to have goals.  Conquer your fears!  Show yourself you can!  You might even like it so much this becomes something you do often!  Something to push you to new levels on your fitness journey!

Check out this website to find local races in NJ: http://runningintheusa.com/Race/List.aspx?State=NJ


2 thoughts on “Spring Ahead!

  1. Congrats and best of luck. I joined a gym and doing beachbody as i joined as a discount coach to get into shape so i can possibly do a few runs but have alittle way to go for th

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