Get High!

I haven’t felt inspired in a while now.  I have been working out as I told you but without feeling inspired.  Normally when I work out I think inspiring thoughts and inspire myself to want more with my workout and in life in general.  It’s the endorphins that you feel from working out.  For some reason recently as I told you I haven’t felt inspired or that amazing high that we get from working out.

Today was my break through!  I went to the gym and brought my boxing gloves just in case I wanted to use them.  I had said I would use them but put no pressure on myself to do so.  I went out onto the floor and went right to the leg machine and started doing that.  Feeling unsure what to do next I decided to get my gloves and head upstairs.  I had to get in the groove.  First my headphones kept coming out then I hit the cord and my iPod flew across the floor!   Instead of getting frustrated and going back to my normal routine I took the time to get myself situated.  I got in the groove!  I hit the over/under bag, speed bag and heavy bag.  I alternated between the three of them and killed it!  I was sweating with a big cheesy smile!  Back to the “hardcore Meghan” I love!  I felt great and my endorphins were flowing!  I am back!  I have been impatiently waiting for this inspiration and great feeling from my workouts to come back.

I hope that I can inspire you to keep forging ahead and switch up your routine.  Something I have told you before.  Don’t get in a rut with your food or your workouts.  I didn’t think I was in a rut with my workouts.  I was doing different strength training routines and alternating cardio in between.  I have hit the bags before and enjoyed it but today it got me out of my rut.  I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow and kill it.  Not necessarily to hit the bags but to work out hard and enjoy every minute of it!  Whether you want to or not try something new.  Try something you haven’t done in a while.  Switch things up you may see just like I did that you were in a rut and just needed a simple change.  I have never done drugs but can only imagine that this high I feel after a workout like today is why there are addicts.  I am an addict.  I am thankful that the gym is my addiction!

Get out of your rut!  Feel the high!  Bask in it!


Keeping it Real!

Hello Followers,

I wanted to tell you a little of what I have been going though lately on my journey.  Every day is a journey as you all know.  Some days are great, some good and some well lets be honest crap days!  It can be food issues or motivation with exercise.  Finding the root of the cause is always important so you can honestly and quickly get back on track.  Don’t make excuses and don’t cover up for yourself.  Keep it real!  Get to the root!  Your not looking back on this journey as failed!  Your looking forward!  Your forging ahead!

Recently I have kinda just been going though the motions I would say.  I have been consistent with my food.  I treat myself to sweets but nothing out of my normal.  I have been going to the gym.  I have been pushing myself.  Running more miles than I have before and in quicker times.  So whats my issue you ask.  What the heck do I have to whine about.  Well nothing I guess but I want to keep it real…I haven’t felt inspired.  Not inspired to blog, not inspired even when I was running or eating right.  I have just felt blah!  About my workouts when they are good or even great!  I am blah about my healthy eating.  Even stuff I really like or love.  Even sweets!  I realized that I think it’s a combination of the change over to spring.  I am so so thankful that finally this week it has changed!  I feel my blah mood lifting!  I also think it’s how busy my life is and therefore my mind.  Sometimes our routines just become blah!

Daylight lasts longer, the sun is going to be out more and the temperature warmer!  All of those things mean less clothes.  Less covering up what we are self conscious about.  Yikes right!?!  Keep it real with yourself!  If it is yikes get out of your blah routine.  Get online look up some new recipes, go to the library take out some healthy cookbooks!  My favorite thing ever…get on Pinterest and look up some recipes or workout routines!  Get on your bike, take a walk or run!  Workout with a friend.  Inspire someone to start their own journey!

Here is a new recipe for you!  I added a tiny splash of olive oil and white wine vinegar.  Add your favorite vinegar!


I feel like its been a while…sorry about that!

So I want to tell you about the fitness tracker I purchased!  I researched and researched!  I was so confused at one point but after much contemplation I chose the Jaybird Reign.  It just stood out to me!  It took a while after my decision was made to get it though because their android app wasn’t out yet.  It is now!  I love this tracker!  It tracks all of your activity!  Every morning when you wake up you do a “go zone” test that take 2 minutes.  This tells you how active your body is for the day!  Some days we don’t realize what we have in us because our mind tells us different!  I have to say this has pushed me to run longer and work out harder on the days that my mind tells me to slack off!  There is also a go zone support center that you can ask a certified reign pro how to better achieve your activity goals!  There is no extra charge for this.  The tracker is $200 but I got it on sale at Best Buy and they do price match!  I chose to get the extra insurance on it because of the cost.  It has a fitness band for when you work out and there is one for if you cycle.  You can swim with it too!  So I probably sound like I work for them or am getting something out of this blog but I am not!  I just love it that much!

When the activity trackers first came on the market I really didn’t see any point investing in one because I felt like I am really doing good on my own.  I felt like why invest money into something that tracks my steps!  This tracker is different in my opinion and I love it!  Check out the videos on Jaybirds site!


Don’t eat too much candy and junk for Easter or Passover!  Enjoy but don’t over indulge!  I am making healthy options for Easter and some traditions that just can’t be passed up:)