I feel like its been a while…sorry about that!

So I want to tell you about the fitness tracker I purchased!  I researched and researched!  I was so confused at one point but after much contemplation I chose the Jaybird Reign.  It just stood out to me!  It took a while after my decision was made to get it though because their android app wasn’t out yet.  It is now!  I love this tracker!  It tracks all of your activity!  Every morning when you wake up you do a “go zone” test that take 2 minutes.  This tells you how active your body is for the day!  Some days we don’t realize what we have in us because our mind tells us different!  I have to say this has pushed me to run longer and work out harder on the days that my mind tells me to slack off!  There is also a go zone support center that you can ask a certified reign pro how to better achieve your activity goals!  There is no extra charge for this.  The tracker is $200 but I got it on sale at Best Buy and they do price match!  I chose to get the extra insurance on it because of the cost.  It has a fitness band for when you work out and there is one for if you cycle.  You can swim with it too!  So I probably sound like I work for them or am getting something out of this blog but I am not!  I just love it that much!

When the activity trackers first came on the market I really didn’t see any point investing in one because I felt like I am really doing good on my own.  I felt like why invest money into something that tracks my steps!  This tracker is different in my opinion and I love it!  Check out the videos on Jaybirds site!


Don’t eat too much candy and junk for Easter or Passover!  Enjoy but don’t over indulge!  I am making healthy options for Easter and some traditions that just can’t be passed up:)


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