Keeping it Real!

Hello Followers,

I wanted to tell you a little of what I have been going though lately on my journey.  Every day is a journey as you all know.  Some days are great, some good and some well lets be honest crap days!  It can be food issues or motivation with exercise.  Finding the root of the cause is always important so you can honestly and quickly get back on track.  Don’t make excuses and don’t cover up for yourself.  Keep it real!  Get to the root!  Your not looking back on this journey as failed!  Your looking forward!  Your forging ahead!

Recently I have kinda just been going though the motions I would say.  I have been consistent with my food.  I treat myself to sweets but nothing out of my normal.  I have been going to the gym.  I have been pushing myself.  Running more miles than I have before and in quicker times.  So whats my issue you ask.  What the heck do I have to whine about.  Well nothing I guess but I want to keep it real…I haven’t felt inspired.  Not inspired to blog, not inspired even when I was running or eating right.  I have just felt blah!  About my workouts when they are good or even great!  I am blah about my healthy eating.  Even stuff I really like or love.  Even sweets!  I realized that I think it’s a combination of the change over to spring.  I am so so thankful that finally this week it has changed!  I feel my blah mood lifting!  I also think it’s how busy my life is and therefore my mind.  Sometimes our routines just become blah!

Daylight lasts longer, the sun is going to be out more and the temperature warmer!  All of those things mean less clothes.  Less covering up what we are self conscious about.  Yikes right!?!  Keep it real with yourself!  If it is yikes get out of your blah routine.  Get online look up some new recipes, go to the library take out some healthy cookbooks!  My favorite thing ever…get on Pinterest and look up some recipes or workout routines!  Get on your bike, take a walk or run!  Workout with a friend.  Inspire someone to start their own journey!

Here is a new recipe for you!  I added a tiny splash of olive oil and white wine vinegar.  Add your favorite vinegar!


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