My Journey

So this journey of mine began a couple of years ago.  It was long and hard-worked for!  Still till this day is something I consistently work for!  Everything I put in my mouth is a decision!  Every morning I get dressed for the gym and when I walk in I have to motivate myself to push hard and have the workout that will allow that high I spoke about.  I crave that high!  I also crave the reward of seeing the scale go down.  That reward is no more though.  I am at a point in my weight loss that I really have to stop trying to lose and accept that this is my goal weight that I had originally set for myself.  We always want more but sometimes wanting more isn’t always healthy.  So having always been over weight and struggling with my weight the idea of not continuing to lose weight is difficult.  Sounds crazy maybe to come but you tend to revert or still sometimes see yourself as the overweight person.  I finally go over buying clothes for the old me but I have so many other demons that I struggle with.  I will always be afraid of gaining weight or going back to the “old me”.  I have to remind myself that I can’t go back to that girl in one day.  We all have those bad days where we can’t control ourselves with our food:(

Our journey changes.  Change is scary.  I think I am scared and have to embrace that my journey has changed from weight loss to maintaining and toning.  I always wanted to tone my body but in the back of my mind always wanted a little more wight loss.  I knew I was in the maintenance phase but for sure didn’t accept it!  Now for acceptance of this leg of my journey.  Loving ourselves throughout this journey and how our body changes.  I am going to continue to learn to accept and change my mind frame to crush this leg of my journey for the rest of my life.  I have to maintain this weight and continue to tone my body:)

I wish you nothing but the best on your journey and hope you strive to crush all of your goals!


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