Because You Can!

Have you been enjoying this beautiful weather?  I paddle boarded this weekend for the first time this season and it reminded me how much I love being outside but getting a workout in!  If you have not tried paddle boarding you have to!  It’s so much fun and a wonderful workout!  I admittedly will tell you that I am a gym rat.  I don’t really workout outside often.  I like the controlled environment at my gym:)  No worries about the rain, wind, blaring sun or heat!  Getting out of my norm is important though!  I don’t want my workouts to become stale!  So before the real summer heat comes I am going to try to enjoy more time outside!  I am planning to run outside, flip tires outside at the gym and paddle board as much as possible.  What workouts do you do outside?  So like I have said a bunch of times…try something new!  Do something you don’t normally do!  You might love it!

I cooked all afternoon yesterday and I can’t preach to you how helpful it is to me to have healthy food in the refrigerator at all times!  It keeps me on track because my family doesn’t eat the same as me and making all these different meals can be a challenge!  I breaded and baked eggplant to keep in refrig and had that tonight on top of a huge salad with fresh tomatoes and a little balsamic and cheese.  I also made this veggie tartan and asparagus and potato salad.  Don’t forget to follow me on pinterest!!

Veggie Tartan-I sprayed pan with coconut oil spray and just drizzled veggies with evoo and sprinkled with a small amount of cheese.  Hope you love it as much as I do!


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