Learn From My Mistakes!

So all my life I have cared for someone!  If I wasn’t caring for someone’s children then I was helping out at home!  At the age of about 10 I started being a mother’s helper.  My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in the 6th grade.  I helped as much as I could and had to grow up faster than most kids my age.  I am just a caregiver my nature.  I have always given so much of myself to others that I forget about myself.  I typically give too much!

It took about 20 years but finally I needed to put myself at the top of the priority list.  That is way too many years so please hear me when I say only good can come of you putting yourself at the top of the list of prioritites.  I am the only one who can care for me the way I need it!  I am the only person that can allow myself happiness and put myself in relationships and situations that will make me happy.  I need to be cared for too!  My journey began a couple of years ago when I started caring for myself by eating proper portions and eating healthier.  I felt so good about making these changes and in turn began to make more changes for me.  The gym came next and now I am a gym rat as you all know!  Don’t wait to prioritize yourself!  Don’t put everyone and everything else before you!  I promise the laundry will be there when you get home from the gym!  I promise you that your family will also benefit from your happiness!  It is not selfish!  If is ok to prioritize yourself!  It’s ok to want to feel good!  Feed your body right and make time for exercise and you will begin your journey!  Once you have begun you will feel so much better!  Be the best “you” that you can be!

Please don’t wait like I did!  Learn from my mistakes!  Love yourself enough to make the changes you need to be your healthiest and best you!



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