Fork in the road

That moment when you have to choose…do I continue my journey.  Do I go left or right.  For some its a decision they make in a minute for others it’s days, month or longer.  When something negative in my life is going on the inner fat girl comes out.  I have always turned to food.  Food is comforting for me.  I love to cook and bake!  I believe food is love!  So it’s extremely hard to not let that inner fat girl take over and sit and eat junk all day when I am feeling down!  It take so much control to stay on my journey to not turn to food.  To not skip out on the gym!  No matter how long it takes you to decide please don’t judge yourself just move forward to be the healthiest person you can be!  At the fork in the road always take the one to stay on your journey.  Choosing the right path is one of the hardest things I have done in my life!  It is a choice I make all day everyday!

I drink at least one mug of 16 oz. of green tea steeped for 20 minutes everyday.  I recently found a new type I really enjoy!  I don’t know if it actually helps with energy and supporting dieting but it takes good to me!  Check it out!  I joined and I love it that is where I got the tea but I am sure you can find it at your local stores!


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