Every day is a fresh start!

So we all know that changing up our routine helps change our body and can get us out of our occasional rut.  I read this article about dusting off the rowing machine at the gym.  I used to row in college all the time but haven’t since then.  I have been using the rower everyday this week and let me tell you…it kicks my a$$!!  I set it for 500 meters and challenge myself to beat my best time.  So far I am at 33 strokes and completed it in 2.05.  The longest 2 minutes and 5 seconds of my life every day this week lol!  Trying something new is always good for me and challenging myself is so much fun to me!  Dust off your rower and have some fun!  It works pretty much your whole body!

I know I have told you several times about green tea but I am going to tell you once more to try it out!  Green tea is calorie free as long as you add no sugar.  It contains ECGC with is an antioxidant that reduces risk for cancer and heart disease.  It also, revs your metabolism, which aids in your burning maximum calories!  Two benefits in one.  I know you might not love the taste but  keep drinking it. It might grow on you like it has me.  I crave it!


My favorite saying is “because you can”  I had shirts made which will be available tomorrow!  Can’t wait to share with my followers!


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