Willpower and perspective!

So sometimes on this journey we need to be reminded that we are on a journey!  Well let me speak for myself…I did!  I was eating good and going to the gym every day.  This is going to sound almost laughable but I was making good decisions but eating way too much of them.  I lost my perspective on portion size and calorie intake.  I needed to gain my perspective back!  How better to do that then to go back to the beginning!  I got back on my fitness pal setting my goals and in just a day I gained so much perspective on what I had been putting in my mouth!  Those healthy choices were great but the portion size was too much.  I needed some retraining.  I have been enjoying putting everything I eat in the my fitness pal app and planning my meals. Knowing how many calories I have left is a nice way to make a good decision about my snacks and meals.  I also showed myself once again how much willpower I have.  I can leave food alone simply because I know that I want to enjoy the meal I am going to be making for dinner or the special snack I know I have enough calories left to have.  Exercising really helps me to add calories to my day and allows me to enjoy a trip to Hoffman’s Ice Cream with my kids:)  I did that today but it didn’t come without hard work at the gym and without thought about my calorie intake for all other meals and snacks today.

There will be times during this journey that you will need to stop and recognize that your perspective is off and maybe your willpower has been wavering but if you can get back on track this journey will be forever.  Denial will only force you to undo all the good you have done.


Its just a number!?!

The struggle is real…I have told you I always have tried to stay at that 150 mark on the scale and never go over.  Well after the accident I couldn’t do my normal cardio routine so I did a lot of strength training and my body has changed once again.  My clothes fit but just fit different.  Some of my wardrobe that didn’t fit last year when I weighed less now fits but other stuff doesn’t fit as well anymore.  So crazy and really plays tricks with my mind!  I am smart enough to know that I gained muscle but the number on the scale taunts me all the time!  I look in the mirror and can’t help but to judge my body in a negative way and I was talking to my Aunt about it and she said something that resonated to me.  She said Meghan this problem as you see is something that many people would love to have.  With that statement I realized what the heck am I whining about.  It doesn’t stop the negative judging of myself all the time but has brought it to a minimum.  I preach to you all about harshly judging yourself so please do your best as I am doing my best.  As your body changes embrace your hard work.  It will continue to change throughout your journey.  Stick with your journey!  Embrace the number on the scale and if you want more go after it!  Guess who is doing cardio every day:)  This chick!

Bought this new protein powder and love it!  Wanted to share the info with you!  Bio Chem 100% Whey Protein.  I got it from Thrive Market online which is a great site!  I got chocolate flavor and compared to my other protein powders that I have purchased it really blends up different and is very tasty!

Organized Fitness

My BFF loves taking classes.  She needs them to motivate her.  To commit to an hour of working out.  I have taken a few classes here and there last year and they weren’t bad but today I tried to take a class and well lets just say about 20 minutes in I packed up my weights and hit the floor.  When I walked out of the room I felt free!  I felt like a caged animal.  I know seems so darn dramatic right!  Well dramatic it may seem but we have to do what works for us!  No one can tell us otherwise unless you are trying to be convinced to start your journey.  I hit the gym 6 or 7 days a week.  Yes I know we need a rest day but working out is a stress reliever for me and right now I need that!  Know what you need:)  So the point of this blog today is to say that saying “if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it” well I am not going to try again to do organized fitness.  It is just not for me.  I don’t do well with the choreographed steps and I want instant results meaning I want to push myself hard and I want to sweat!  If classes are your thing then keep doing them and work to your highest potential in every class you take!  If working out on your own is your thing then work hard and challenge yourself!

If you’re looking to lose weight and not work hard or for a quick fix there are a million people out there selling their programs.  Shakes, wraps you name it but be cautious!  Cautious of who you are and can you complete this program but still make this journey a lifetime.

Enjoy your weekend and make good choices!

Here is an easy salad recipe!!


Bragging rights!

You went to the gym today or you walked the dog around the block….that’s exercise right!  Yes it is!  I am happy your moving.  Moving and not being a couch potato is great!  If you are in a journey towards change…losing weight, healthy living then I expect more.  You should want more too!  You need to be moving and working up a sweat.  If you are going to walk the dog walk for at least 20 minutes at a brisk walk.  If your on the treadmill you’re not strolling!  If you can talk to your friend next to you with no struggle then sorry but you’re not moving to your fullest potential!  Some days are harder to get motivated and yes you need to listen to your doctor and their recommendations or just what your body might be telling you.  Don’t confuse hard work and drive with your body saying it’s too hard I should quit or half ass it!  Set out telling yourself you can!  You will!  You want to!  Remember set small goals and exceed them!  Set new goals till you have killed it and are so proud of yourself that you can’t wait to do it again the next day and strive for more!

Remember you didn’t just work out to go home and have ice cream and cookies you worked out because you’re changing your lifestyle you’re moving on to a healthy lifestyle.  Yes you just killed it so go home and make a protein shake or get some good protein in your body!  Don’t undo what you just worked so hard for.  I am telling you because I was that girl!  I was the girl who used to go to the gym and stroll on the treadmill for 20 minutes or so and go home feeling like I had bragging rights because I went to the gym and did a little something.  I would reward myself with a container of ice cream and a big spoon.  I went to the gym…come on I earned it!  Um…NO!  I also remained chubby and unhealthy fooling myself into believing I was meant to be overweight for the rest of my life!  As you all know that is BS!  I am living proof anyone can be on this journey with me.  You just have to want it enough to make it your lifestyle.

Food Tip: I got whole grain naan and grilled up eggplant, zucchini, squash and spread some homemade garlic scape paste (like pesto) on the naan with a sprinkle of feta cheese and enjoyed a wonderful pizza the other night.   I did one with feta and one with fresh mozzarella.  Try out this garlic scape recipe below.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did.



Before I started my journey I was not as confident or happy.  I walked around with resting bitch face way to often.  Not cool!  Not cool at all!  I hated the way I felt and knew I wanted to change that.  So slowly I changed the things I didn’t like about myself.  My body and my attitude!  I am so much happier with my life smiling.  In the beginning I would smile or say hello to people and some would look at me like I was crazy, others I think thought wanted more than just a friendly smile back and some would cautiously smile back.  I have to admit it was a conscious effort on my part to keep smiling and being friendly.  Now its just natural.

We should empower one another!  We are so judgemental of ourselves and others.  I work hard to not be so hard on myself and not to judge others.  I decided just from my experiences at the gym that woman should really be bringing one another up and not tearing each other down.  I work so very hard on my journey and I see so many others at the gym working hard.  Why not tell them I notice how hard they are working and see the changes in their body!  It always feels great to get a compliment so why would I give them as well!  Lets empower one another to continue on our journeys.  You never know what others are going through in their personal lives and just a simple smile or compliment could really change their day. It can be received to push a little harder too.  Maybe one more rep then you thought you had in you.  Maybe a little longer on the machine your working on.  Running a little faster or longer.  Smile!  Your even more beautiful when you smile:)

Happy 4th of July!

Chew your calories! Don’t drink them:)

I am not one to drink my calories!  I already gave you my strong opinion about soda.  Just don’t do it!  Diet or regular.  If a soda is your occasional splurge than drink a regular one instead of diet.  Promise to make it a once a month splurge and not once a week.  My compromise with myself is that if I am going to splurge it better be worth it!  I don’t eat anything that is mediocre and something that isn’t part of my normal healthy eating plan better be amazing!  Amazing enough for me to have to do extra in the gym the next day!  I know that some people like to juice or do replacement shakes for meals.  If that works for you great!  If it’s just a quick fix then find a way to make time for a real healthy balanced meal.  The reason I say that is…anyone can mix up a pre-packaged shake and replace a meal for that.  Of course you will lose weight!  I promise you when you go back to your normal habits you will gain that weight and possibly more.  You didn’t learn portion control.  You didn’t learn how to grocery shop for a healthy diet.  You didn’t learn how to prepare healthy meals that you enjoy.  You didn’t learn how to control normal daily cravings.  Learn how to chew your calories.

Summer is officially here so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  If you do one thing to begin your journey start drinking half your body weight in water.  Cut out all other drinks from your diet for 2 weeks and I bet you will lose a couple of pounds.  Drink your Yogi Blueberry Green Tea steeped for 20 minutes 16 oz.   All this drinking will fill you up too so you won’t feel so hungry!  Yes you will be running to the bathroom so plan accordingly but I assure you once this becomes routine it will not seem like sooo much water to consume in a day!

Don’t drink your calories!  Enjoy them!  Chew them:)


Who doesn’t want a better butt??  I know I do!  Here is a workout plan you can try!