Its just a number!?!

The struggle is real…I have told you I always have tried to stay at that 150 mark on the scale and never go over.  Well after the accident I couldn’t do my normal cardio routine so I did a lot of strength training and my body has changed once again.  My clothes fit but just fit different.  Some of my wardrobe that didn’t fit last year when I weighed less now fits but other stuff doesn’t fit as well anymore.  So crazy and really plays tricks with my mind!  I am smart enough to know that I gained muscle but the number on the scale taunts me all the time!  I look in the mirror and can’t help but to judge my body in a negative way and I was talking to my Aunt about it and she said something that resonated to me.  She said Meghan this problem as you see is something that many people would love to have.  With that statement I realized what the heck am I whining about.  It doesn’t stop the negative judging of myself all the time but has brought it to a minimum.  I preach to you all about harshly judging yourself so please do your best as I am doing my best.  As your body changes embrace your hard work.  It will continue to change throughout your journey.  Stick with your journey!  Embrace the number on the scale and if you want more go after it!  Guess who is doing cardio every day:)  This chick!

Bought this new protein powder and love it!  Wanted to share the info with you!  Bio Chem 100% Whey Protein.  I got it from Thrive Market online which is a great site!  I got chocolate flavor and compared to my other protein powders that I have purchased it really blends up different and is very tasty!


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