Soaking up the last of summer

Really dig in and enjoy the last of your summer!  Enjoy the warm weather by taking advantage of being able to get active outdoors.  Paddleboarding burns 428 calories per hour, kayaking burns 357 per hour or beach volleyball which burns 571 per hour.  I will be paddling tomorrow…can’t wait to do something I love and burn some calories doing it!

Get to the local farm markets!  There is a great one near my house on Saturdays at the Windward beach.  What better than a stroll along the Metedeconk and pick up local non GMO fruits and veggies, gorgeous flowers and fresh-baked breads!  It’s so much easier to purchase, prepare and eat healthier.

The wonderful weather is also a great excuse to take the dog for a walk or after dinner take a stroll with your family or a bike ride around the neighborhood!  The extra calorie burn will allow you to enjoy an ice cream cone for a treat:)

Get out there people enjoy what we have left of summer!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Check  out these recipes:

Food is love!  Make this and enjoy with someone you love.


Trying new things

So I am force feeding myself some new things.  Yes, I said force feeding!  There are certain foods I don’t like but I know are really good for me so I want to try to add them to my diet.  Avocado is one of those items.  I am a texture person.  I have purchased two avocados and placed them in a paper bag to ripen and made them into guacamole to snack on.  I can’t eat cilantro so I skipped adding that and added some spices I do like to try to convince my taste buds we like it.  I have to say it fills me up and isn’t that bad.  I definitely think avocados and I are going to be friends sooner than later!

I stumbled upon a treadmill routine and tried it out the other day.  Some days are harder than others to hop on the treadmill and kill it.  So to get around that trying something new is a must!  I tried this routine and first round was a bit too easy for me so I upped incline and speed to fit my capabilities.  The routine is a 10 minute routine that you can repeat as many times as you want.  I blew through 30 minutes and it felt so quick.  So here try this and if it’s not challenging you don’t quit.  Up your incline and speed to challenge your abilities!

Speed         Incline          Duration

4mph          5%                  5min

6mph          2%                  3min

7mph          2%                  1min

3mph          10%                1min   Repeat 3 more times

Oh summer…

Balancing schedules during the summer seems more difficult than during the school year!  Between camp, tutoring, a puppy, swimming lessons and work there isn’t much time left in the day!  This stuff all makes our journey that much harder to stay on!  The journey to make good decisions, exercise, healthy shopping and cooking.  Then there is the constant temptation at every BBQ or evening out!  Who wants to be the one that can’t eat what everyone else is eating or can’t have a drink with friends.  So we indulge and enjoy.  That is what life is about!  Enjoying it whether it is food, times with family or friends or otherwise.  So how do you stay on your journey and find a balance?  I try to be very conscious of what I cook for myself at every meal.  I workout and do more cardio then I would normally do when I know I am going out or if I went out the day or evening before.  There has to be a balance.  You all know I love ice cream and what better time to enjoy an ice cream cone then summer!  So I eat my ice cream and sometimes feel a ping of regret but I realize it’s all about balance and enjoying life!

I have come to the conclusion that being this is my second summer in this “new body” I have become very judgemental about myself.  Last summer it was a new summer for me to enjoy with my “new body”!  I was so proud and so excited to show it off on so many levels.  The bikini took until the end of the summer but all in all I was very proud.  This summer I have spent a lot of time harshly judging myself and wondering if I should wear certain things.  Its like I lost all this weight and look at other woman and wonder should I be thinner?  Should I be more toned?  Shouldn’t I have abs?  So this swirling battle in my mind goes round and round.  I come out of it knowing that I have worked my ass of for who and what I am today and I am still proud.  I am happy with where I am and that I can enjoy my life eating and drinking for special occasions.  Yes it would be nice to have abs!  Yes it would be nice to be thinner but the real truth is I am 38 and I had two kids and I look pretty darn good!  So I am working on calming my thoughts and embracing myself as I am!  I will probably always want more which will keep my goals set high and there is nothing wrong with that as long as I can love the body I am in because I worked hard for it!

Enjoy your summer!  Keep your journey going strong!  Try something new!  A new food or a new exercise!  Most of all love yourself!  Take off your cover up and wear your bikini!  No regrets cause fall will be here before you know it!