Rise up

Listen here!  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kNKu1uNBVkU

Music speaks to me!  This song is amazing to me.  Let it empower you!  Put it on your iPod.  Turn it up in your car and sing along.  Dance.  Listen to the words.  Relate.

Love yourself.  Love yourself so others can love you.  So others gravitate to you.  Nothing is better than a confident woman.  Be the woman you want to me.  Be the person you should be,  regardless of your past.  Regardless of your rocky journey find a way to be positive.  You are worth it!

Rise up!  Tomorrow is Monday!  People love to Start their journeys on Mondays.  Regarded of when you start never stop working towards your goals!



Faking the funk

Sometimes in life we have trick our minds into believing things that we don’t necessarily want in that moment.  There are many moments I want to grab a spoonful of ice cream or to skip the gym.    The trick is to fake out our mind.  Focus on the end goal of your journey and what you ultimate want.  Force yourself to get out and walk or hit the gym.  Throw away the ice cream or cookies tempting you.  Go buy yourself a healthy snack!  Buy a shirt that is a little too tight settimg a goal to fit in it and wear it proud for a night out!  Trick yourself into believing in yourself!  We should all believe in ourselves all of the time but that is just not practical for majority of us.  We are not in this journey because we have this amazing metabolism and this just comes easy to us.  We work hard to be on this journey and stick with it.  Mind games in this case aren’t such a bad idea!

Stay on track and do what you need to do to do just that!  This is your journey forge ahead!

Crystal Ball….If only!

In life there is no crystal ball so enjoy what you have right now!  This is a reminder to me and to anyone else in need.

Life challenges us with stumbling blocks and sometimes failure.  Our life journey has ups and downs.  Every aspect of our life contributes to these ups and downs. How we handle these ups and downs will affect our fitness and wellness journey greatly.  We have to see this as a fork in the road and decide to push for what we are longing for.  To work harder.  With failure we must pick ourselves up and look at what is good in our life.  I know for myself I have experienced feeling sad or depressed about things but I always find a way to get myself to the gym and let off some steam.  I can’t tell you I always make good food decisions those days but I try to stay cognizant of my journey.  Someone said something to me the other day that just today made me realize instead of enjoying the amazing things I have I am conjuring up negative possibilities.  I couldn’t help but to mentally smack myself in the forehead.  My life is damn good for many reasons.  I am choosing to find it within myself to only focus on the positive.  I am going to thoroughly enjoy the wonderful people in my life.  Smile and be myself!  Enjoy life instead of waiting for the negative.  Maybe the negative will never come.  If it does then will be the time I put my big girl panties on and deal with it.  Until then I am focusing on being the best and happiest me I can be!  If I think positive I can only hope more positive will come my way.  I am going to concentrate on enjoying the wonderful things I have in my life and focus only on that.  Make your life journey GREAT!  Your fitness and wellness journey will follow!

Smile and be kind to people you never know what they are going through!