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So you started your journey.  You can do this strictly with your diet or you can incorporate working out into this journey!  I suggest both.  Let’s say you choose to hit the gym.  Now you are there…the real struggle begins.  It may be out of your comfort zone or intimidating.  Do not zone out.  This journey is for you.  You have to want this.  You have to want it more than your afraid of it.  Get on a machine push the green quick start  button and set a short term goal!  Challenge yourself to get to that short term goal and surpass it!  Crushing your goals will become the only thing on your mind instead of the laundry you have to do or the errands you have to run.  Doing this will keep you accountable and motivated.  You will be able to say you did it and hopefully want more!

I don’t believe in a cheat day but if that is how your journey is set up I suggest you work out on that cheat day because if you get on the scale or out your pants on the next day and they are tight….was the cheat day worth it?  We all know how hard it is to loose a pound or two so that crap you ate on your cheat day I am guessing wasn’t worth it.  If you balance your diet and exercise plus do not deprive yourself you won’t feel the need to go over board on one single day.


salad recipes for you to check out:



Vacation and holidays

So I am in Orlando on vacation with my children.  It’s vacation so we indulge a bit but I always keep perspective.  I have been on this journey for a long time now.  I have not gotten to where I am to begin to ruin it in a few days!  I had groceries delivered to our villa so I could make the best decisions possible.  When I am away from the villa I comb the menu for the healthiest choices I can make.  As you all know by now I am big on dessert so I would rather make a healthy choice for my meal and have dessert!  I have also been waking up every morning and working out!  I normally put in 45 minutes to an hour at home but I committed to at least a half hour of cardio everyday while I am here.  My day off was the morning we arrived;). I have been walking around a lot too so all my fitness goals are being met and that allows me to have the ice cream or treat I really want.

The holidays are upon us!  Do yourself a favor and eat what you love.  Eat what you really desire in moderation.  Have a taste not a plate or two full!  I don’t believe in deprivation because I truely believe that sets us up for failure!  So eat the special appetizer your aunt makes that you love or your favorite Christmas cookie…have one not 10!  Workout!  I don’t care if the gym is closed for the holiday…get outside and take a walk or a jog!  Do a video in the house or check your local programming for an exercise program.  This is your journey…you can live but you can also achieve the body that you want to be healthy and fit!


here is a recipe to try!  I love feta cheese!



So how did you do for Thanksgiving?  Did you workout out in the morning or at some point during the day?  I did!  I hit the gym in the morning so help with the extra calories I was bound to consume!  I cooked for my family so I was able to control a little what and how I ate.  I must say though the only thing that really I made for myself was brussel sprouts.  The rest of the items on my menu were all traditional thanksgiving items.  I enjoyed everything just small amounts of the items very high in calorie/fat.  I enjoyed dessert but as you all know that is my thing so I would rather have dessert than pile my plate with the savory stuff:)

So the rest of the holidays are upon us….  That means holiday cards.  Possibly photo holiday cards.  If you look at your picture and you want next years to show a better you.  A more healthy you…then I suggest you start now.  Start by making small changes.  I don’t believe in depriving ourselves of anything but soda.  Soda is the devil in my eyes!  Give it up now!  As for the holiday parties and gatherings…do not go hungry.  Eat before you go and eat clean and healthy.  If you are bringing something make it something that you can eat and enjoy without derailing completely!  Eat and enjoy just watch your portions!  It the gym or get outside and do some exercise to help burn some calories.  I know I am going to chow down on some yummy Christmas cookies so I will be doing some extra cardio in the next couple of weeks.  Just do

Make a difference in your own life! It will make a difference in those around you as well!

the best you can and don’t go over board a holiday is not a pass to just let your journey end.  Its a time to show yourself how strong and committed you really are!