So how did you do for Thanksgiving?  Did you workout out in the morning or at some point during the day?  I did!  I hit the gym in the morning so help with the extra calories I was bound to consume!  I cooked for my family so I was able to control a little what and how I ate.  I must say though the only thing that really I made for myself was brussel sprouts.  The rest of the items on my menu were all traditional thanksgiving items.  I enjoyed everything just small amounts of the items very high in calorie/fat.  I enjoyed dessert but as you all know that is my thing so I would rather have dessert than pile my plate with the savory stuff:)

So the rest of the holidays are upon us….  That means holiday cards.  Possibly photo holiday cards.  If you look at your picture and you want next years to show a better you.  A more healthy you…then I suggest you start now.  Start by making small changes.  I don’t believe in depriving ourselves of anything but soda.  Soda is the devil in my eyes!  Give it up now!  As for the holiday parties and gatherings…do not go hungry.  Eat before you go and eat clean and healthy.  If you are bringing something make it something that you can eat and enjoy without derailing completely!  Eat and enjoy just watch your portions!  It the gym or get outside and do some exercise to help burn some calories.  I know I am going to chow down on some yummy Christmas cookies so I will be doing some extra cardio in the next couple of weeks.  Just do

Make a difference in your own life! It will make a difference in those around you as well!

the best you can and don’t go over board a holiday is not a pass to just let your journey end.  Its a time to show yourself how strong and committed you really are!



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