One week down!

IMG_20171013_202814434.jpgOne full week has gone by and 2 lbs down.  I am so proud of myself!  I have kept my commitment to the gym even when all of me didn’t want to go.  I worked hard at the gym so I could eat some of the things I really wanted!  The weekend came and went and I stayed on track regardless of what life through at me.  Negative news normally has me eating my feelings but I kept that in check!  When I am at the gym and I am exhausted feeling like I can’t possibly go on I get through it in 5 minute blocks.  I keep pushing no matter what.  I struggled getting back into the gym and feeling like people there are judging me for the weight gained but I know that I am proud of myself for getting back and working hard.  This journey is not always fast but very rewarding.  See your way to loving yourself enough to start your journey.  You are worth it!

I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast or yogurt and fruit.  I enjoy veggies and eggs too.  Lunch is sometimes hard because of my busy routine but I make a shake or sandwich that I can always have with me.  Snacks I plan and pack to eat on the go.  Dinner I try to plan as best I can.  It is just me so its not as much fun to cook a big meal.  I have learned that if I cook that the leftovers are a great way to eat healthy during the week or freeze for another time.  I would like to share with you a dinner I recently made.  I cooked chicken in coconut oil spray with my favorite seasonings.  I roasted butternut squash and red onion with coconut oil and some grapeseed oil.  I made these amazing protein bowls by cooking organic brown rice and layering it with black beans, the roasted veggies and chicken.  I topped it with guacamole.  My first bite was heaven!  I hope you try these or make a version of it with stuff you love!  I will try to add a picture from my phone.

Thank you to all of my followers for reading and a special thank you to all that commented on my first post!  Your love and support means to much to me!


One thought on “One week down!

  1. I was going to leave a comment, until they wanted all my info, so I didn’t leave a comment. But to you…….keep it up.


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