Weight gain

So as my luck would have it instead of losing weight with Graves’ disease like most I have gained weight!  I thought because I wasn’t being strict with my healthy eating and 5-7 day a week exercise routine that I was gaining weight.  I did acknowledge that my appetite had increased tremendously.  At first I thought it was just Over eating due to PMS.  Then I realized that it was going beyond that.  I had no control.  Normally when I set my mind to something I can gain control fairly easy.  After seeing the endocrinologist I learned that a symptom of Grave’s is increased appetite.  It’s due to the over activity of the thyroid and your body signal’s it needs food to compensate for all of that activity.  This makes sense but I guess in some cases your body doesn’t signal to over eat you in turn loose weight.  I of course I lucked out with the opposite.  I try very hard to eat healthy but allow myself to enjoy some treats.  That is the life I was living when I reached my goal weight and was in the maintenance phase.  This is not helping me to loose weight but to maintain what I currently am.  As hard as it is not to be 140lbs I don’t think I look unhealthy or unattractive!  I was told by many I was too skinny at 140lbs but we all know we need to be the weight we are comfortable with!  I would like to loose some weight especially before summer but now my goals have changed.  I just want to educate myself more on this disease and find the best way to live a healthy life with it.

I am not the first with this disease or the symptoms I am experiencing so I will get to the bottom of what is best for my body!  I hope whatever you are struggling with you can be easy on yourself and not allow others to judge you!  Remain around friends and family that will truly support and love you!  With life’s complications you may unfortunately learn that some people you thought would love and support you won’t.  You will gain clarity!  You will be hurt and maybe even mad but trust me when I tell you that this is a good thing!  Believe what they are showing or telling you!  Be happy you now know who is really there for you and live your life appreciating those who really care capable of being there for you 100%!  Know your worth and love your yourself fully!



Stumbling Blocks

Hi!  Hope all of my followers are good!

On our journey to a healthy and fit life there are always stumbling blocks!  As I told you in one of my blogs I have experienced a few!  My journey has veered away from my strict healthy eating and fitness because of my fathers cancer.  I stopped putting myself first and my time is very limited.  Bad habits also started to surface.  More recently my mind has been very foggy.  Sometimes when I speak I am not always able to get the words out that I know I want to say.  I walk into a room and don’t remember why I am there.  Now we all do stuff like this.  Most times it’s just because we are so busy and have so much on our minds!  These things combined with hair loss, irregular heart rate, anxiety, feeling overly hungry all of the time and extreme tiredness I thought that life was just getting in the way of my journey!  Now listing these things for you seems lengthy but all very easy things to write off as problems we all sometimes go through as a result of general life stuff.

I was having another medical issue and asked for additional bloodwork to be done.  As a result I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.  If you know me you may know that I do NOT like to take medicine of any sort.  I have seen an endocrinologist that I like very much.  I agreed to try a low dose of medicine twice a day for one month.  I am currently doing my research to find an alternative to medicine that will fit with my lifestyle.  I write this to tell all of you when you hit a stumbling block you may need to take your time to get up but when you do be fearless!  Get up!  Educate yourself. Ask questions!  Research!  If you know something about this disease please reach out.  Don’t disregard the signs your body gives you!

The universe threw me another curveball but this will not keep me down!

What Are You Thankful For?

Hello everyone!

So thanksgiving is over!  First, I am thankful for the people that are closest to me!  I am thankful that I went to the gym on Thanksgiving!  I didn’t over eat or even eat anything that wasn’t really good for me that day.  Please don’t ask about the rest of the weekend though!  I enjoyed my weekend with some the people I love the most!  It did include some eating and I did allow treats!  I don’t regret it and I refuse to shame myself for it.  I am back on track with my eating at every next choice I make.  I hit the gym today and did strength training.  We do the best we can and sometimes we go out of our way and other times we don’t try as hard.  I am here to say we are all human!  We need to enjoy life!  If having a bowl of ice cream is your thing or extra gravy on your mashed potatoes makes you happy then go for it!  Just make a promise to yourself that the next food choice you make will be a good one!  The only person you should hold accountable is you!  The only person you should be making promises is to yourself!

I am making a promise to myself to make the best food choices and hit the gym at least 5 days a week.  What promises are you making to yourself?


I am thankful for everyone of you that take the time to read my blog! xo

One week down!

IMG_20171013_202814434.jpgOne full week has gone by and 2 lbs down.  I am so proud of myself!  I have kept my commitment to the gym even when all of me didn’t want to go.  I worked hard at the gym so I could eat some of the things I really wanted!  The weekend came and went and I stayed on track regardless of what life through at me.  Negative news normally has me eating my feelings but I kept that in check!  When I am at the gym and I am exhausted feeling like I can’t possibly go on I get through it in 5 minute blocks.  I keep pushing no matter what.  I struggled getting back into the gym and feeling like people there are judging me for the weight gained but I know that I am proud of myself for getting back and working hard.  This journey is not always fast but very rewarding.  See your way to loving yourself enough to start your journey.  You are worth it!

I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast or yogurt and fruit.  I enjoy veggies and eggs too.  Lunch is sometimes hard because of my busy routine but I make a shake or sandwich that I can always have with me.  Snacks I plan and pack to eat on the go.  Dinner I try to plan as best I can.  It is just me so its not as much fun to cook a big meal.  I have learned that if I cook that the leftovers are a great way to eat healthy during the week or freeze for another time.  I would like to share with you a dinner I recently made.  I cooked chicken in coconut oil spray with my favorite seasonings.  I roasted butternut squash and red onion with coconut oil and some grapeseed oil.  I made these amazing protein bowls by cooking organic brown rice and layering it with black beans, the roasted veggies and chicken.  I topped it with guacamole.  My first bite was heaven!  I hope you try these or make a version of it with stuff you love!  I will try to add a picture from my phone.

Thank you to all of my followers for reading and a special thank you to all that commented on my first post!  Your love and support means to much to me!

My Journey

So its been a while!  I am sorry about that first off!  Honesty on this journey is most important!  My journey took me back to some of my bad habits.  One of which is putting others before me and emotional eating.  Since my last post I have gone through many things.  I will share with you just a few.  I have divorced and now am a single mom of two.  I moved twice and am currently taking care of a parent with cancer.  That all said I stopped going to the gym as much because of my busy schedule keeping up with three part-time jobs, children, a house to upkeep and cancer!  Notice I am not on that list.

When I chose to change my lifestyle and begin my journey I put myself before everyone else.  I was able to loose over 50 pounds and tone up.  I was happy with my weightloss and new found body.  Of course many felt the need to judge me.  They told me how skinny I was and that I needed to gain weight.  I allowed their judgement to get to me.  So much so that I tried very hard to gain weight without any avail.  I turned to eating junk.  I started to  become addicted again to the junk.  I began gaining weight of course and then the emotional eating began with my family member being diagnosed with cancer.  So today I am writing this because the other night I decided I have to get back on track.  I can’t keep wishing it and talking about it.

The start for me was getting back to my “church” the gym!  I went back and went hard!  I have been doing HIIT programs on the treadmill everyday.  It hurts and I look like someone dunked me in a pool but I am there and I am pushing myself!  The food!  The food is the hardest part!  I downloaded an APP called Lose It!  Check it out!  I needed to hold myself accountable.  It shows me that I can’t keep making these poor decisions with my food!  I have been inputting all of my food and with my workouts for the most part I have not been too hungry.  Being hungry is part of it though because I have stretched my stomach out with overeating.  As I have said many of times before this is not a diet this is a journey.  My journey showed me that the inner fat girl in me is very much there.  It has also shown me that I am strong!  Strong enough to admit where I went wrong and change it before I look at myself in the mirror and am back to over 200 lbs!  I am 40 years old now and I have to say this extra weight I am carrying doesn’t look horrible on me.  I do know for me and my comfortablity I need to gain control of the eating, loose some weight and begin to tone up.  This will make me feel better.  I am the only one that matters on this journey!  This journey for me is the same as it always was before but I plan to focus much more on not allowing others judgement to get to me.  If I am happy in my skin their opinions don’t matter!

Don’t ever give up on yourself!  If you want to make changes to your body or your eating habits you can!  You will when your are ready!  Love yourself!  Love yourself more than you love anyone else!  I love my children and my dad more than you can imagine but more than that I love myself!  As a woman in this day and age we need to build one another up!  We need to share our journey!  We need to be strong for one another!  This is your journey…what are you going to do with it?

Jump Start

Some of us just need a push.  Need something to give us a jump start.  As you have heard me say a million times this is a journey.  That it is.  Everyone’s journey is unique!  I have take many of diet pills in my lifetime.  Some with success and other a complete waste of money.  I believe if you are going to commit to eating healthy and adding exercise to your routine you can achieve great results.  I know that some of us need a push or need to see results fast to keep on track.  If you are looking for a supplement to take and you live in Ocean or Monmouth county please check out Slim Fit X.  They are an amazing shop that will even provide when available a sample of the supplement so you can see if it works for your body.  Check out their website!  http://www.jerseyshoresupplements.com/  They have a store in Brick and one in Bradley Beach.

No judgement for take a supplement!  Whatever it take to start and stay on your journey is how you should get started.  To stay on this journey you will need to learn how to shop, cook and make good healthy food decisions.  Adding exercise will only enhance and speed up your results.

Because You Can!!


What motivates you?  What keeps your motivated?  We all wish it was easy to lose weight and get into an exercise routine.  There has to be something that motivates us.  Is it that your clothes don’t fit?  Is it what someone said to you or how they looked at you?  It really doesn’t matter what it was that brought you to this journey.  It is what keeps you motivated to stay on this journey.  It is NOT a diet.  It is a journey to a healthier you.  It is a fitness and healthy food journey.  Learning how to do what is your normal routine of shopping and cooking will be your first hurtle.  You crave what you know.  Your mind and body needs to be retrained.  You have to learn what is healthy and what good portion sizes are.  Finding different ways to cook that are healthy and new recipes that will be exciting.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  Dreaded exercise…I say dreaded because so many people tell me they don’t know how to get started.  Just start by moving!  Take the dog for a extra long walk.  Use half of your lunch hour and take a walk around your work parking lot.  Join a gym that works for your life.  Make sure its affordable, that you are comfortable there, they have a childcare so you can commit to going without excuses.  Don’t be intimidated.  Walk into the gym and be confident.  Hop on a machine push the green start button and start moving.  Commit to staying on the machine a little longer every time.  Put the resistance up as you get into a routine.

I used to reward myself with food.  I still do occasionally but before you can start with food rewards you have to meet your weight loss goals and really be in a good head space about your journey so you can have perspective.  In the beginning that is just not something that is easy.  No cheat days!  Let your reward for weight loss be to get higher goals and set aside money to buy yourself a article of clothing or fun piece of inexpensive costume jewelry.  Reward yourself with time..set aside some time to just sit and watch a mindless show, read a book or take a bubble bath!  This journey you are embarking upon can be so rewarding!  Just stay the course and if you veer off get right back on track.  Don’t let any time go by…not a minute!  The longer your off track the more weight you put back on or gain and gaining is so much easier than taking if off!  I believe in you!


start now
Stop thinking about it! Just start!