Bragging rights!

You went to the gym today or you walked the dog around the block….that’s exercise right!  Yes it is!  I am happy your moving.  Moving and not being a couch potato is great!  If you are in a journey towards change…losing weight, healthy living then I expect more.  You should want more too!  You need to be moving and working up a sweat.  If you are going to walk the dog walk for at least 20 minutes at a brisk walk.  If your on the treadmill you’re not strolling!  If you can talk to your friend next to you with no struggle then sorry but you’re not moving to your fullest potential!  Some days are harder to get motivated and yes you need to listen to your doctor and their recommendations or just what your body might be telling you.  Don’t confuse hard work and drive with your body saying it’s too hard I should quit or half ass it!  Set out telling yourself you can!  You will!  You want to!  Remember set small goals and exceed them!  Set new goals till you have killed it and are so proud of yourself that you can’t wait to do it again the next day and strive for more!

Remember you didn’t just work out to go home and have ice cream and cookies you worked out because you’re changing your lifestyle you’re moving on to a healthy lifestyle.  Yes you just killed it so go home and make a protein shake or get some good protein in your body!  Don’t undo what you just worked so hard for.  I am telling you because I was that girl!  I was the girl who used to go to the gym and stroll on the treadmill for 20 minutes or so and go home feeling like I had bragging rights because I went to the gym and did a little something.  I would reward myself with a container of ice cream and a big spoon.  I went to the gym…come on I earned it!  Um…NO!  I also remained chubby and unhealthy fooling myself into believing I was meant to be overweight for the rest of my life!  As you all know that is BS!  I am living proof anyone can be on this journey with me.  You just have to want it enough to make it your lifestyle.

Food Tip: I got whole grain naan and grilled up eggplant, zucchini, squash and spread some homemade garlic scape paste (like pesto) on the naan with a sprinkle of feta cheese and enjoyed a wonderful pizza the other night.   I did one with feta and one with fresh mozzarella.  Try out this garlic scape recipe below.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did.



When you are veering off your journey with your healthy eating do you find yourself reaching for sugary junk and processed crap?  I cannot tell a lie…I do!  I also know that one day of that makes me want another and another!  It is so true that all of the chemicals in that processed yuck just makes you crave more and more of it!  If your into cleanses then this is the time to do it!  I don’t do them so I just have to find the strength from within to not continue to eat the junk and go back to the normal healthy eating routine.  I do treat myself here and there but doing it on a daily is just something that makes me want more than is acceptable on my journey.

Drink your water!  Half your body weight in ounces!  Drink your hot green tea!  Fill up on fruits and veggies and be sure you’re getting enough protein!  Be sure you are eating every 3 hours 3 meals 2 snacks.  I keep snack bags of walnuts or almonds in the cabinet and my pocketbook.  I also like to keep cut up watermelon in the refrigerator.  Summer is so easy to keep the fruits and veggies in the house!  Apples, oranges, cucumbers, tomato and bananas are some go to snacks when I would want to grab junk!  I love using my crock pot all year around!  Try this crock pot recipe!  Hope you enjoy!

We are only human!

So recently it was that time of the month for me:/  I was cranky, achy and wanted to eat the house!  I wanted to eat pretzels, chocolate, ice cream and everything else that wasn’t nailed down!  I feel out of control during this time.  I usually get down on myself at first then I realize why I am feeling this way.  I am only human not a robot so I allow a little bit of this behavior.  I don’t consider it falling off the wagon.  I consider it part of life.  My life…my journey.  I have to find a way through these times because I am a woman and for now this is going to happen once a month to me so I have to find a way though it!

I make the best bad decisions I can make:)  I eat the pretzels with some hummus.  I eat the chips and pico de gallo.  I eat dark chocolate and I buy these ice pops called fruit dips.  I love the strawberry pops dipped in dark chocolate and they are only 86 calories.  I still hit the gym and do my routine to the very best of my ability!  If I am going to eat like a beast I better train like one too!  I remind myself that I am not going to be that girl I used to be in one or two days!  I know having an off day or a day that you feel like you feel off the wagon is very discouraging but remember we are only human.  Most of us have some sort of addiction to food.  Food can feel so comforting.  It still does to me.  It’s just about a balance!

Don’t let your bad day get you down!  Get back on your wagon.  Don’t look back to yesterday or the last moment you binged!  Lift your head high and get back to your journey of health and fitness.  If you don’t have it within yourself to do that then call upon your buddy, your spouse or whoever is helping to support you in this.  It’s important to have this person to help get you back on track.  I do believe though it is just as important at some point be able to find it within yourself to be positive and get yourself back on track!