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Today I wanted to reach out to tell you once again about my Jaybird Reign fitness tracker.  When the trackers first started getting big I had no desire to have one.  I figured I push myself enough I don’t need to keep track of steps.  So after a long time I finally began to research them and the Reign stuck out to me.  It really did things that the others don’t offer.  It has a go zone that every morning you do a heart rate test and it tells you how ready your body is to workout.  They also offer go zone reps that you can call and they will help you meet your goals.

The Jaybird customer service people have been so so helpful to me and so generous.  If you are thinking about a fitness tracker please check out this one!

It’s the weekend!  Stay on track.  Do your shopping and cooking for the upcoming week.

check this recipe out:



Let’s Talk

So you started your journey.  You can do this strictly with your diet or you can incorporate working out into this journey!  I suggest both.  Let’s say you choose to hit the gym.  Now you are there…the real struggle begins.  It may be out of your comfort zone or intimidating.  Do not zone out.  This journey is for you.  You have to want this.  You have to want it more than your afraid of it.  Get on a machine push the green quick start  button and set a short term goal!  Challenge yourself to get to that short term goal and surpass it!  Crushing your goals will become the only thing on your mind instead of the laundry you have to do or the errands you have to run.  Doing this will keep you accountable and motivated.  You will be able to say you did it and hopefully want more!

I don’t believe in a cheat day but if that is how your journey is set up I suggest you work out on that cheat day because if you get on the scale or out your pants on the next day and they are tight….was the cheat day worth it?  We all know how hard it is to loose a pound or two so that crap you ate on your cheat day I am guessing wasn’t worth it.  If you balance your diet and exercise plus do not deprive yourself you won’t feel the need to go over board on one single day.


salad recipes for you to check out:


This journey we are on requires preparation.  You prepare yourself to leave the house in the rain with an umbrella right?  You prepare for a snowstorm!  So why wouldn’t you prepare yourself for your health and wellness journey?  This is one of the most important journeys you will ever go on!  If you need this journey it’s not just to look cute in your bathing suit.  It is so you can have a healthy body and mind.  So you can be active and live a long healthy life.

First, you need to prepare your mind.  Write down what you want from this journey.  Write down your goals.  Find inspirational quotes and print them out and put them on your bathroom mirror.  Put them on your refrigerator.  Put them in your car or your gym bag.  Say them over and over to yourself!

Second, prepare by figuring out what you consume that is not healthy and take it out of your life.  I don’t mean carbs.  I don’t mean cutting anything out of your life forever either.  Except soda!  If you drink soda…stop that NOW!  You need to find a balance.  You might need to cut some things out in the beginning but as your continue you can add back some of those items in proper portions.  Start by getting on my fitness pal app or something like it.  This is a way to track everything you consume.  You will put all of your info in and set your goals and you will quickly see what foods you need to cut out or swap for better choices.  Commit to this for at least two weeks to really grasp what you should be eating.  Start drinking 1/2 your body weight in water.  If your 200 lbs you should be drinking 100 oz. of water a day.  It might sound like a lot but your journey is worth it!  You are worth it!  Prepare your meals ahead of time!  Make lists when you go to the store and stick with them.  Pack proper portioned snacks and have them with you at all times.  When your going out to a restaurant look up the menu ahead of time and make the best choices you can so you can enjoy being out but staying on your journey!  No cheat days!  Treat yourself to something every day as long as it’s the right portion size and you are staying within your proper calorie intake.  Don’t binge or over indulge with a cheat day.

Third, prepare to make time in your busy life for fitness.  This journey will go much faster if you add some time of activity every day or at least 5 days a week.  Go treat yourself to some comfortable gym clothes.  You are worth it!  Get yourself a good pair of sneakers!  Promise you will thank me for that!  The weather is warm…get out and walk.  Run, ride your bike!  Join the gym!  Most gyms have great deals in the summer because most people prefer to be outside doing their activity.  Walk the dog.  Just get up off the couch and move!  Commit to moving for at least 20 minutes a day.

Prepare yourself!  Prepare for a tough journey.  Prepare to falter we are only human.  Prepare to get back to your journey.  This is going to be one of the hardest but most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself.  Be prepared to make it life long!  I know you are worth it!  Now show yourself that you are!


Please comment on this blog and tell about your journey and I will randomly pick one winner and send you a “because you can” shirt:)

Every day is a fresh start!

So we all know that changing up our routine helps change our body and can get us out of our occasional rut.  I read this article about dusting off the rowing machine at the gym.  I used to row in college all the time but haven’t since then.  I have been using the rower everyday this week and let me tell you…it kicks my a$$!!  I set it for 500 meters and challenge myself to beat my best time.  So far I am at 33 strokes and completed it in 2.05.  The longest 2 minutes and 5 seconds of my life every day this week lol!  Trying something new is always good for me and challenging myself is so much fun to me!  Dust off your rower and have some fun!  It works pretty much your whole body!

I know I have told you several times about green tea but I am going to tell you once more to try it out!  Green tea is calorie free as long as you add no sugar.  It contains ECGC with is an antioxidant that reduces risk for cancer and heart disease.  It also, revs your metabolism, which aids in your burning maximum calories!  Two benefits in one.  I know you might not love the taste but  keep drinking it. It might grow on you like it has me.  I crave it!


My favorite saying is “because you can”  I had shirts made which will be available tomorrow!  Can’t wait to share with my followers!

Keeping it Real!

Hello Followers,

I wanted to tell you a little of what I have been going though lately on my journey.  Every day is a journey as you all know.  Some days are great, some good and some well lets be honest crap days!  It can be food issues or motivation with exercise.  Finding the root of the cause is always important so you can honestly and quickly get back on track.  Don’t make excuses and don’t cover up for yourself.  Keep it real!  Get to the root!  Your not looking back on this journey as failed!  Your looking forward!  Your forging ahead!

Recently I have kinda just been going though the motions I would say.  I have been consistent with my food.  I treat myself to sweets but nothing out of my normal.  I have been going to the gym.  I have been pushing myself.  Running more miles than I have before and in quicker times.  So whats my issue you ask.  What the heck do I have to whine about.  Well nothing I guess but I want to keep it real…I haven’t felt inspired.  Not inspired to blog, not inspired even when I was running or eating right.  I have just felt blah!  About my workouts when they are good or even great!  I am blah about my healthy eating.  Even stuff I really like or love.  Even sweets!  I realized that I think it’s a combination of the change over to spring.  I am so so thankful that finally this week it has changed!  I feel my blah mood lifting!  I also think it’s how busy my life is and therefore my mind.  Sometimes our routines just become blah!

Daylight lasts longer, the sun is going to be out more and the temperature warmer!  All of those things mean less clothes.  Less covering up what we are self conscious about.  Yikes right!?!  Keep it real with yourself!  If it is yikes get out of your blah routine.  Get online look up some new recipes, go to the library take out some healthy cookbooks!  My favorite thing ever…get on Pinterest and look up some recipes or workout routines!  Get on your bike, take a walk or run!  Workout with a friend.  Inspire someone to start their own journey!

Here is a new recipe for you!  I added a tiny splash of olive oil and white wine vinegar.  Add your favorite vinegar!


I feel like its been a while…sorry about that!

So I want to tell you about the fitness tracker I purchased!  I researched and researched!  I was so confused at one point but after much contemplation I chose the Jaybird Reign.  It just stood out to me!  It took a while after my decision was made to get it though because their android app wasn’t out yet.  It is now!  I love this tracker!  It tracks all of your activity!  Every morning when you wake up you do a “go zone” test that take 2 minutes.  This tells you how active your body is for the day!  Some days we don’t realize what we have in us because our mind tells us different!  I have to say this has pushed me to run longer and work out harder on the days that my mind tells me to slack off!  There is also a go zone support center that you can ask a certified reign pro how to better achieve your activity goals!  There is no extra charge for this.  The tracker is $200 but I got it on sale at Best Buy and they do price match!  I chose to get the extra insurance on it because of the cost.  It has a fitness band for when you work out and there is one for if you cycle.  You can swim with it too!  So I probably sound like I work for them or am getting something out of this blog but I am not!  I just love it that much!

When the activity trackers first came on the market I really didn’t see any point investing in one because I felt like I am really doing good on my own.  I felt like why invest money into something that tracks my steps!  This tracker is different in my opinion and I love it!  Check out the videos on Jaybirds site!


Don’t eat too much candy and junk for Easter or Passover!  Enjoy but don’t over indulge!  I am making healthy options for Easter and some traditions that just can’t be passed up:)

I have been thinking…

So I was thinking…I talk a lot about being motivated and drive.  That is something the comes from within a person.  I also believe that it comes with knowledge.  Comfort and familiarity.  When I first started going to the gym I only did cardio and only got on 2 of the machines of the 8 they have to offer.  I didn’t dare try something new!  I could fall off lol!  I might look silly because I don’t know how to use it correctly!  It might be too hard for me to do!

The other thing I talk about is change!  If what you’re doing isn’t bringing the change you’re looking for then do something new!  I eventually mustered up the confidence to try out all of those machines.  I also learned how to use free weights and all of the other machines in my gym.  I actually enjoy all of them now!  I used to get on my old faithful machines and watch almost study the people on the machines I wanted to learn.  I found the courage to get on and hit the green button.  The green button has to start the darn thing right?  Well guess what?  It did!  It wasn’t hard either!  It was such a nice change from the same machines I had been doing for all that time!  So machine by machine I learned them all.  I will admit I have my favorites and use those the most.  As for the free weights and machines I did the same thing.  I watched closely trying to in grain into my mind what the person was doing.  I realized once I got close enough to the machine that there was this really cool picture on the side and directions!  HUH!  Who would have known lol!  With the picture/directions and watching others I was on my way.  I gained confidence over time and when I saw a familiar face I would ask them for help.  Free weights took a bit more work.  I looked a lot up online and tried the motion at home.  I also would sometimes pin them on my Pinterest and bring my phone in to the gym to refer to them while there.  With knowledge comes power they say…  With my knowledge, comfort & drive I now have power and by power I mean I actually have some muscles:)

I hope this blog helps you to realize what you don’t know shouldn’t scare you it should challenge you to find a way to get to know something new!

Happy Monday!  Make it a good week!