As I told you life got crazy busy and will continue to be until next week.  I wanted to check in to let you all know I am thinking of my readers and our journey.   Last day of school before spring break for the kids.

Being honest the gym hasn’t been a part of my life for a while.  I do try to get in some sort of walk or exercise though.   Unfortunately, I am learning that life isn’t allowing me to get to the gym everyday like my last journey.  It just poses a situation that requires me to be creative and more driven.  Sometimes I am and sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  I have to pick and choose my battles.  If exercise is lacking then my food game has to be on point!  If my food game is lacking or I want a treat my exercise  has to be awesome!

If you celebrate Easter I hope it’s a great one!




Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a super busy but very productive day today. No workout at the gym. I did clean my whole house! All the running around today and cleaning has to count for something! Made good food choices today and only had one snack. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and doesn’t stray from their journey. Make time for a walk or get to the gym if you can. Choose healthy clean meals! Absolutely don’t forget to drink water! Half your body weight! Hoping the weather is good enough for a bike ride this weekend!


The struggle was real today!

So today I went to the gym. I just didn’t want to be there. I got on the bike and I peddled at a moderate pace then realized I had to write this post. How could I let all of you down. I had to workout for an hour and I had to take it serious if I was committing to this journey! I finished my workout on the treadmill. I started walking on a 15 incline then jogged. I ended with a full on sprint! Yup ended up feeling great about my workout! Thank you to my followers for holding me accountable!
I bought myself this coconut milk based drink I really enjoy! It’s like dessert to me. It does have 170 calories and if you know me I don’t believe in drinking your calories. I usually drink half and save the rest for another day! It does need to be shaken very well and kept cold! I told myself right before I started my journey that I was going to have a protein drink once a week to supplement a meal. That hasn’t happened. I soooo like to chew my food! I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around drinking a meal. As long as I prepare and eat good balanced healthy meals I can’t beat myself up about something so trivial! Hope your having a great day! I would love to hear about your workout today! Inspire me and others! #becauseican


Hey everybody! Hope your day has been great! I got up at 5am to fit in a workout before my son’s football game. I did 20 mins of cardio to warm up then did strength training. Killed my routine! It’s been a crazy day but wanted to report in. I have been out most of the day so I have some water drinking to do now that I am home but not to worry it will get done!
Let me tell you quick about last night…impromptu dinner out. I didn’t full on panic but was a little nervous when it happened. I had a dinner planned out in my head but hey life takes us different directions so learning to roll with it but still make good decisions is so important! I literally took my phone out and scanned the Prosecco bottle at the table. Lol. It was my first time at Social 37 and I must tell you that it is worth checking out! I had Prosecco, eggplant ciabatta and a taste of a potsticker. I put all my food in my fitness pal diary I realized I could have the fries that came with my sandwich and the drink too! Thank goodness I busted my butt at the gym! So if you have never been here you should check it out! It’s owned by Spirits! I ordered the Prosecco as I told you and it said $11. A little steep right? Well they brought me the whole darn bottle! So for $11 I had a glass and they corked it and bagged it up for me to take home! Same deal with their wines! Food was all fresh and very good. I am pretty picky so for me to say I enjoyed it and would go back is kinda a big deal. Dinner out was a success! #becauseican

Day 5

Happy Friday! So as happy as I am that the weekend is upon us I must say I am a little nervous about staying on track. Both kids have football and typically life is a bit crazy. This will be a good test for myself to be sure I can keep on track no matter what. I am proud to report I exceeded my one hour commitment to workout today. It was only 15 minutes but hey! So all snacks and meals with exception of dinner is in my diary and I have 1,056 left! I have drank half my body weight in water everyday this week so far and today will be no different. I went to Bingo to pick up a couple things for the weekend dinners and they have the most amazing dark chocolate covered pecans and I so badly wanted to give in and buy them for myself! A reward for doing so good all week. A food reward…not cool. I didn’t though! I walked right by them! Progress!
I would like to meal prep for the week but the end of the month is always a super tight budget so I am going to do with what I have and meal prep as soon as I can. I find it so much easier to meal prep being how busy life is! This journey is proving just how difficult juggling life and this healthy journey really is. I understand why so many say they don’t have time or can’t commit but let’s switch out CAN’T for CAN! Have a fabulous weekend!

Day 2

So although I am not going to bed the day is is over for me as far as my food and exercise!  I decided yesterday  afternoon to log into my fitness pal.  I haven’t logged in to that app in a long time.   I wanted to be sure my portions and choices were good!  So I got all of my water, exercise and food in there for yesterday and today!  I did strength training today for an hour.  I wasn’t able to keep on track with the times I ate but I did eat clean and got in my workout.  I actually am going to submit my food diary when I am done here and I have a few extra calories!  Thanks for holding me accountable and following my latest journey!😉


Starting today…

Thank you to all who read my last blog and reached out!  So over the weekend I woke up feeling really good about myself.  Didn’t feel bloated so why not hop on the scale?  I did…it wasn’t good.  I was up 4lbs from the last time I weighed myself.  I decided I had to make a plan.  A plan to eat closer to how I began my original  journey.  I am aiming for 4-5 days a week to excercise.  Goal is to workout for an hour.  Planning three meals and two snacks a day timed specifically.  No food after 7:30pm.  Holding myself accountable so far so good.  Breakfast oatmeal, snack Greek yogurt and about to sit down to a salad with red wine vinegar for lunch.  I will tell you what though….I am starving!  I was so hungry before it was time to eat lunch I wanted so badly to eat crap!  Not to mention that I just made dozens of chocolate sprinkle cookies for my business! 🙄  No cookies for this girl!  Dinner is all thought out so no issues with going astray.   Day one started but not done.  This week and next week will suck.  It’s what I would assume it is for any one addicted to something…first few weeks without stinks!  I am hoping it’s not too bad for me being I haven’t strayed completely away from healthy clean eating.  #becauseican