Weight gain

So as my luck would have it instead of losing weight with Graves’ disease like most I have gained weight!  I thought because I wasn’t being strict with my healthy eating and 5-7 day a week exercise routine that I was gaining weight.  I did acknowledge that my appetite had increased tremendously.  At first I thought it was just Over eating due to PMS.  Then I realized that it was going beyond that.  I had no control.  Normally when I set my mind to something I can gain control fairly easy.  After seeing the endocrinologist I learned that a symptom of Grave’s is increased appetite.  It’s due to the over activity of the thyroid and your body signal’s it needs food to compensate for all of that activity.  This makes sense but I guess in some cases your body doesn’t signal to over eat you in turn loose weight.  I of course I lucked out with the opposite.  I try very hard to eat healthy but allow myself to enjoy some treats.  That is the life I was living when I reached my goal weight and was in the maintenance phase.  This is not helping me to loose weight but to maintain what I currently am.  As hard as it is not to be 140lbs I don’t think I look unhealthy or unattractive!  I was told by many I was too skinny at 140lbs but we all know we need to be the weight we are comfortable with!  I would like to loose some weight especially before summer but now my goals have changed.  I just want to educate myself more on this disease and find the best way to live a healthy life with it.

I am not the first with this disease or the symptoms I am experiencing so I will get to the bottom of what is best for my body!  I hope whatever you are struggling with you can be easy on yourself and not allow others to judge you!  Remain around friends and family that will truly support and love you!  With life’s complications you may unfortunately learn that some people you thought would love and support you won’t.  You will gain clarity!  You will be hurt and maybe even mad but trust me when I tell you that this is a good thing!  Believe what they are showing or telling you!  Be happy you now know who is really there for you and live your life appreciating those who really care capable of being there for you 100%!  Know your worth and love your yourself fully!



Jump Start

Some of us just need a push.  Need something to give us a jump start.  As you have heard me say a million times this is a journey.  That it is.  Everyone’s journey is unique!  I have take many of diet pills in my lifetime.  Some with success and other a complete waste of money.  I believe if you are going to commit to eating healthy and adding exercise to your routine you can achieve great results.  I know that some of us need a push or need to see results fast to keep on track.  If you are looking for a supplement to take and you live in Ocean or Monmouth county please check out Slim Fit X.  They are an amazing shop that will even provide when available a sample of the supplement so you can see if it works for your body.  Check out their website!  http://www.jerseyshoresupplements.com/  They have a store in Brick and one in Bradley Beach.

No judgement for take a supplement!  Whatever it take to start and stay on your journey is how you should get started.  To stay on this journey you will need to learn how to shop, cook and make good healthy food decisions.  Adding exercise will only enhance and speed up your results.

Because You Can!!

Rise up

Listen here!  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kNKu1uNBVkU

Music speaks to me!  This song is amazing to me.  Let it empower you!  Put it on your iPod.  Turn it up in your car and sing along.  Dance.  Listen to the words.  Relate.

Love yourself.  Love yourself so others can love you.  So others gravitate to you.  Nothing is better than a confident woman.  Be the woman you want to me.  Be the person you should be,  regardless of your past.  Regardless of your rocky journey find a way to be positive.  You are worth it!

Rise up!  Tomorrow is Monday!  People love to Start their journeys on Mondays.  Regarded of when you start never stop working towards your goals!


Faking the funk

Sometimes in life we have trick our minds into believing things that we don’t necessarily want in that moment.  There are many moments I want to grab a spoonful of ice cream or to skip the gym.    The trick is to fake out our mind.  Focus on the end goal of your journey and what you ultimate want.  Force yourself to get out and walk or hit the gym.  Throw away the ice cream or cookies tempting you.  Go buy yourself a healthy snack!  Buy a shirt that is a little too tight settimg a goal to fit in it and wear it proud for a night out!  Trick yourself into believing in yourself!  We should all believe in ourselves all of the time but that is just not practical for majority of us.  We are not in this journey because we have this amazing metabolism and this just comes easy to us.  We work hard to be on this journey and stick with it.  Mind games in this case aren’t such a bad idea!

Stay on track and do what you need to do to do just that!  This is your journey forge ahead!


So after a year of contemplating the possibility of getting a tattoo I finally did it this weekend!  Because I Can!  I also tweaked my left knee and it is swollen and bruised.  So between the two things I had to take two days off from the gym and went very easy today feeling like there wasn’t much I could do.  I am just so used to really going hard and dripping with sweat when I am done with my workout.  I realize once again how much exercise is a part of my life.  It is a release for me.  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel good about myself.

I hope for you that you can motivate yourself to find an exercise routine that works for your life and stick to it.  It will make you happy, it will bring out a confidence you might not have had before.  There is nothing negative it could bring out in you!

I will go to the gym tomorrow and try to go light but as long as I get there it will be a mind over matter for me.  My withdrawals will ease up and I can get some form of exercise in:)

The best motivator is yourself.  If it comes from within it has the potential to be forever.  Because You Can:)

Its just a number!?!

The struggle is real…I have told you I always have tried to stay at that 150 mark on the scale and never go over.  Well after the accident I couldn’t do my normal cardio routine so I did a lot of strength training and my body has changed once again.  My clothes fit but just fit different.  Some of my wardrobe that didn’t fit last year when I weighed less now fits but other stuff doesn’t fit as well anymore.  So crazy and really plays tricks with my mind!  I am smart enough to know that I gained muscle but the number on the scale taunts me all the time!  I look in the mirror and can’t help but to judge my body in a negative way and I was talking to my Aunt about it and she said something that resonated to me.  She said Meghan this problem as you see is something that many people would love to have.  With that statement I realized what the heck am I whining about.  It doesn’t stop the negative judging of myself all the time but has brought it to a minimum.  I preach to you all about harshly judging yourself so please do your best as I am doing my best.  As your body changes embrace your hard work.  It will continue to change throughout your journey.  Stick with your journey!  Embrace the number on the scale and if you want more go after it!  Guess who is doing cardio every day:)  This chick!

Bought this new protein powder and love it!  Wanted to share the info with you!  Bio Chem 100% Whey Protein.  I got it from Thrive Market online which is a great site!  I got chocolate flavor and compared to my other protein powders that I have purchased it really blends up different and is very tasty!


Before I started my journey I was not as confident or happy.  I walked around with resting bitch face way to often.  Not cool!  Not cool at all!  I hated the way I felt and knew I wanted to change that.  So slowly I changed the things I didn’t like about myself.  My body and my attitude!  I am so much happier with my life smiling.  In the beginning I would smile or say hello to people and some would look at me like I was crazy, others I think thought wanted more than just a friendly smile back and some would cautiously smile back.  I have to admit it was a conscious effort on my part to keep smiling and being friendly.  Now its just natural.

We should empower one another!  We are so judgemental of ourselves and others.  I work hard to not be so hard on myself and not to judge others.  I decided just from my experiences at the gym that woman should really be bringing one another up and not tearing each other down.  I work so very hard on my journey and I see so many others at the gym working hard.  Why not tell them I notice how hard they are working and see the changes in their body!  It always feels great to get a compliment so why would I give them as well!  Lets empower one another to continue on our journeys.  You never know what others are going through in their personal lives and just a simple smile or compliment could really change their day. It can be received to push a little harder too.  Maybe one more rep then you thought you had in you.  Maybe a little longer on the machine your working on.  Running a little faster or longer.  Smile!  Your even more beautiful when you smile:)

Happy 4th of July!