Mind over matter!

So as I told you in my last blog I was injured in a car accident.  I hadn’t trained or even been running in weeks and weeks!  I ran the Spring Lake 5 on May 23rd and beat my time from last year!!!  That was a goal of mine before the accident!  I committed to the race so I planned to go but really the only goal was to finish.  I am so proud of myself for my commitment to fitness and for reaching any and all goals I set for myself.  It is the most amazing high to complete fitness and healthy eating goals.  It always amazes me still that MY BODY is capable of so much!  My determination and constant competition with myself keeps me moving forward!

Show yourself what your capable of!  Push yourself!  Be determined!  Compete with yourself!  Push a little harder than the person on the machine next to you!  Let others inspire you!  Want it!  Feel the high!  Bask in the pure joy of killing your workout!  Eat healthy.  Eat what you love in moderation.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you and see you in a positive light!  NO HATERS!  If I have learned anything in my life it is that I don’t need a zillion friends I only need a couple really great ones!

Tomorrow is a new day!  Start new every day!  Eat, train and smile because this is your journey and you’re doing it!

Besides ice cream my favorite splurge is Burrata!!   Treat yourself to something wonderful!  My favorite thing anytime but especially in the summer is arugula salad with tomato’s and burrata.  Try it you will love me for it:)


My Journey

So this journey of mine began a couple of years ago.  It was long and hard-worked for!  Still till this day is something I consistently work for!  Everything I put in my mouth is a decision!  Every morning I get dressed for the gym and when I walk in I have to motivate myself to push hard and have the workout that will allow that high I spoke about.  I crave that high!  I also crave the reward of seeing the scale go down.  That reward is no more though.  I am at a point in my weight loss that I really have to stop trying to lose and accept that this is my goal weight that I had originally set for myself.  We always want more but sometimes wanting more isn’t always healthy.  So having always been over weight and struggling with my weight the idea of not continuing to lose weight is difficult.  Sounds crazy maybe to come but you tend to revert or still sometimes see yourself as the overweight person.  I finally go over buying clothes for the old me but I have so many other demons that I struggle with.  I will always be afraid of gaining weight or going back to the “old me”.  I have to remind myself that I can’t go back to that girl in one day.  We all have those bad days where we can’t control ourselves with our food:(

Our journey changes.  Change is scary.  I think I am scared and have to embrace that my journey has changed from weight loss to maintaining and toning.  I always wanted to tone my body but in the back of my mind always wanted a little more wight loss.  I knew I was in the maintenance phase but for sure didn’t accept it!  Now for acceptance of this leg of my journey.  Loving ourselves throughout this journey and how our body changes.  I am going to continue to learn to accept and change my mind frame to crush this leg of my journey for the rest of my life.  I have to maintain this weight and continue to tone my body:)

I wish you nothing but the best on your journey and hope you strive to crush all of your goals!

Get High!

I haven’t felt inspired in a while now.  I have been working out as I told you but without feeling inspired.  Normally when I work out I think inspiring thoughts and inspire myself to want more with my workout and in life in general.  It’s the endorphins that you feel from working out.  For some reason recently as I told you I haven’t felt inspired or that amazing high that we get from working out.

Today was my break through!  I went to the gym and brought my boxing gloves just in case I wanted to use them.  I had said I would use them but put no pressure on myself to do so.  I went out onto the floor and went right to the leg machine and started doing that.  Feeling unsure what to do next I decided to get my gloves and head upstairs.  I had to get in the groove.  First my headphones kept coming out then I hit the cord and my iPod flew across the floor!   Instead of getting frustrated and going back to my normal routine I took the time to get myself situated.  I got in the groove!  I hit the over/under bag, speed bag and heavy bag.  I alternated between the three of them and killed it!  I was sweating with a big cheesy smile!  Back to the “hardcore Meghan” I love!  I felt great and my endorphins were flowing!  I am back!  I have been impatiently waiting for this inspiration and great feeling from my workouts to come back.

I hope that I can inspire you to keep forging ahead and switch up your routine.  Something I have told you before.  Don’t get in a rut with your food or your workouts.  I didn’t think I was in a rut with my workouts.  I was doing different strength training routines and alternating cardio in between.  I have hit the bags before and enjoyed it but today it got me out of my rut.  I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow and kill it.  Not necessarily to hit the bags but to work out hard and enjoy every minute of it!  Whether you want to or not try something new.  Try something you haven’t done in a while.  Switch things up you may see just like I did that you were in a rut and just needed a simple change.  I have never done drugs but can only imagine that this high I feel after a workout like today is why there are addicts.  I am an addict.  I am thankful that the gym is my addiction!

Get out of your rut!  Feel the high!  Bask in it!