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I have been diagnosed with a disease called hypothyroidism.   This info below is to give you a little insight of some of what I am struggling with.  I have been put on meds but trying to find an alternative so I don’t have to take them for a prolonged period of time.   I continue to do my best to take care of myself and everything I always have taken care of.  Normal TSH levels are 0.5 and 5.0.  Mine are at 22.60.  😣  Life took another turn for me so I am taking time to accept, educate myself and family.  Between my health and my dad life got busier.  I will check in from time to time with all of my followers!  Wishing you all health and good vibes! screenshot_20190417-205149_instagram

If your loved one is hypothyroidthey are facing different challenges. Hypothyroidism means the thyroid is underactive, and not producing enough of the energy and oxygen-delivering thyroid hormone. This is like trying to get somewhere with barely enough gas and feet that can’t even reach the gas pedal. If your loved one is hypothyroid, he or she may be feeling sluggish, spaced out, and exhausted all the time.

Think about the worst flu you’ve ever had, and how tired, and achy and exhausted you felt. Now imagine waking up every day feeling like that, but having to get up, go to work/school and take care of yourself and others while struggling through the day. Depression and mood changes are common, as are memory problems and being fuzzy-brained, what patients call “brain fog.” Your loved one may look in a mirror and not recognize herself (the vast majority of thyroid patients, in general, are women, who are seven to ten times more likely to have a thyroid problem compared to men.) When she looks in the mirror, she sees the outer half of her eyebrows are thin or missing, her hair is thin, dry, coarse and falling out, her face and eyelids are puffy, her face is bloated and puffy, and she may have gained weight, despite eating less and working out more than everyone else around her.

With hypothyroidism, anything and everything can be slow, even digestion, which can cause constipation. For women, periods can be worse, and come more often than before.  And then there’s that issue of weight gain. Your loved one may be following the most rigorous and healthy diet and exercise program, and yet be unable to lose weight.

He or she might even be gaining weight on that program.


Set for the week

Yes it is a beautiful day why am I in the house cooking!?! I had to work today so meal prep got done too! I made these no bake treats! Here is the recipe: 3/4 almond butter or peanut butter,tbsp honey or maple syrup, 1 tsp. Vanilla. Warm that for 20 seconds in the microwave. Mix then Add 3/4 oats and 3tsp chia seeds. You can add other stuff too. I put 2tsp of flaxseed and 2tbsp of dark chocolate chips. Roll into small balls then flatten or keep round and refrigerate. Great easy snack!
I also made one of my favorite breakfast or even lunches. Egg white quiches. Egg whites seasonings of your choice and veggies cooked or not and put in ramekins or muffin tins. I bake for about 20-25 mins on 350. This morning I didn’t have anything prepared so I had a frozen turkey sausage and egg white pita. It is 150 calories and I ate mine with pico de Gallo and avocado. I have really been enjoying a big salad and I take a piece of Swiss cheese and lay smoked turkey on top and roll it tight and slice it. I add that to my salad. Protein and the cheese makes me feel like I am cheating but I am not! Today I had a cabbage salad with it.
Planning to hit the pavement this afternoon and either take a jog or ride my bike! Enjoy this beautiful day! #becauseican

Recipe inspiration

So I was scrolling on IG the other day and came across this picture. Everything about this platter looked amazing to me! I created my version of it tonight for dinner with what I had. I did my potato slices in my air fryer and the oven. Air fryer potato slices came out better in my opinion. I had plum tomatoes so I cut them up with my cucumbers and dressed them in vinegar and a tiny sprinkle of evoo. I swapped broccoli for string beans. Just had those yesterday. I cooked my salmon on the stove in a teriyaki sauce I got from Trader Joe’s. I last minute cut up avocado to go with cucumber and tomato because I had one that was getting to the point that if I didn’t use it that it would go bad. What a wonderful meal! The vegetables were amazing! I could have just had them!
Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration from a magazine,Pinterest or IG to figure out a new meal. Eating the same thing is easy for calorie counting but birding as hell so switch it up! Hope you had a yummy dinner like me!

Day 3

Hey!  I did some shopping at Aldi.  Like many I am on a budget.  It isn’t cheap to eat healthy/clean.  I got individual cups of guacamole and hummus to have as a snack.  I also found veggie burgers that I like to cook up with some Pam and put over a salad for lunch.  They had oranges and avocados on sale!  Oranges have been my afternoon snack and I figure I will have the avocado with my breakfast or lunch.  I ate the same meals for lunch and breakfast Monday and Tuesday so I had to switch it up today!  I was craving cereal today so I had Cheerio’s for breakfast and a turkey and Swiss sandwich for lunch.  Killed my cardio today so I have over 400 calories left  and I already put my dinner in my diary.  I plan not to use them but if I do maybe a snack after dinner if there is time.  I must say the hunger is there but I didn’t focus on it today and feel like a “addict”.  I don’t feel bloated.  I was going to weigh myself this morning but I think I am going to wait until Saturday.  Do yourself a favor and plan ahead with your meals and be sure you have snacks in your bag if you’re on the go so you don’t sabotage yourself!  My go to has always been portioned raw nuts.



So we are about to go into March…I can smell spring:)  Spring means we are that much closer to wearing less clothes!  No more baggy sweaters and sweats!  Get on track.  If your journey has remained on track then I say keep on keeping on.  Don’t forget to switch up your workout routines for the best results.  I switch up my routines every month to month and a half.  Right now I am focusing on glutes and abs.  I add cardio and arms in but my main focus is glutes and abs.  Find your target areas on your body that you want to work on and work on perfecting exercises to get you to your goals.

Don’t hide behind your sweaters anymore.  Get your diet right!  This is a journey.  Remember even if you have gotten off track its ok!  Just take every opportunity to get back on track.  Don’t say I will start tomorrow.  If you realize your off track the next thing you put in your mouth should be the start to getting back on your journey.  It starts with picking the right foods to cook.  Preparing your foods so you don’t set yourself up for failure when time gets in the way.  Commit to exercise!  If you exercise the weight will come off quicker.  If you have an injury or reason your can’t workout than your food has to be on point!  Follow me on pinterest!  I have a board for healthy recipes and a board for exercise routines.  I know how difficult it can be know what to cook or how to cook so if you follow me you will see I have tried several recipes on my board.  Drink your water and if you haven’t tried it yet try drinking hot green tea each day.

My pinterest name is Meghan Woodruff

Soaking up the last of summer

Really dig in and enjoy the last of your summer!  Enjoy the warm weather by taking advantage of being able to get active outdoors.  Paddleboarding burns 428 calories per hour, kayaking burns 357 per hour or beach volleyball which burns 571 per hour.  I will be paddling tomorrow…can’t wait to do something I love and burn some calories doing it!

Get to the local farm markets!  There is a great one near my house on Saturdays at the Windward beach.  What better than a stroll along the Metedeconk and pick up local non GMO fruits and veggies, gorgeous flowers and fresh-baked breads!  It’s so much easier to purchase, prepare and eat healthier.

The wonderful weather is also a great excuse to take the dog for a walk or after dinner take a stroll with your family or a bike ride around the neighborhood!  The extra calorie burn will allow you to enjoy an ice cream cone for a treat:)

Get out there people enjoy what we have left of summer!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Check  out these recipes:

Food is love!  Make this and enjoy with someone you love.