Dear followers,

I have been diagnosed with a disease called hypothyroidism.   This info below is to give you a little insight of some of what I am struggling with.  I have been put on meds but trying to find an alternative so I don’t have to take them for a prolonged period of time.   I continue to do my best to take care of myself and everything I always have taken care of.  Normal TSH levels are 0.5 and 5.0.  Mine are at 22.60.  😣  Life took another turn for me so I am taking time to accept, educate myself and family.  Between my health and my dad life got busier.  I will check in from time to time with all of my followers!  Wishing you all health and good vibes! screenshot_20190417-205149_instagram

If your loved one is hypothyroidthey are facing different challenges. Hypothyroidism means the thyroid is underactive, and not producing enough of the energy and oxygen-delivering thyroid hormone. This is like trying to get somewhere with barely enough gas and feet that can’t even reach the gas pedal. If your loved one is hypothyroid, he or she may be feeling sluggish, spaced out, and exhausted all the time.

Think about the worst flu you’ve ever had, and how tired, and achy and exhausted you felt. Now imagine waking up every day feeling like that, but having to get up, go to work/school and take care of yourself and others while struggling through the day. Depression and mood changes are common, as are memory problems and being fuzzy-brained, what patients call “brain fog.” Your loved one may look in a mirror and not recognize herself (the vast majority of thyroid patients, in general, are women, who are seven to ten times more likely to have a thyroid problem compared to men.) When she looks in the mirror, she sees the outer half of her eyebrows are thin or missing, her hair is thin, dry, coarse and falling out, her face and eyelids are puffy, her face is bloated and puffy, and she may have gained weight, despite eating less and working out more than everyone else around her.

With hypothyroidism, anything and everything can be slow, even digestion, which can cause constipation. For women, periods can be worse, and come more often than before.  And then there’s that issue of weight gain. Your loved one may be following the most rigorous and healthy diet and exercise program, and yet be unable to lose weight.

He or she might even be gaining weight on that program.



What a change in weather! I hit the pavement as promised yesterday! I jogged and didn’t stop which was my goal. I successfully completed my goal but I thought I was going to die! Thank goodness that didn’t happen! Lol

I ate a quiche for breakfast and one of my yummy snacks this afternoon when I was craving something sweet.  Simple dinner tonight because Tuesdays are nuts in my house! Sweet potato, chicken and steamed veggies.

I now have more incentive on my journey …my annual birthday trip has been revealed! I am on strict instructions by me that I will enjoy my trip to the fullest in the body I am in.  I refuse to compare myself to others or social media.  I won’t fall prey to the stereotypical i.ages of what society says is a beautiful body.  As long as I am working on a mentally and physically  healthy me that is all that matters!  I finally know my worth and will remain on my healthy eating and exercise journey!
Thank you for reading and holding me accountable! #becauseican screenshot_20190407-111302_samsung-internet

The drive to start

What will your “ah ha moment” be?  Will it be something someone says to you?  Will it be reading this blog?  Will it be when your jeans no longer fit?  What is it that motivates us?

Today, when I was preparing to leave the locker room to work out this woman who is at the gym almost as much as me stopped me.  She said she is in awe of me and that she wants to attach herself to me.  She wants my drive.  My motivation to push myself on my own.  I don’t always give myself credit for all of my strengths!  In this quick passing moment I realized take a second to pat yourself on the back for staying on this journey and for my self-motivation.  As I have told you before I prefer to push myself on my own rather than attend the classes my gym offers.  I took the time to research different strength training exercises and incorporate this into a routine.  Cardio is easy because all you have to do is jump on a machine and move.  The challenge is pushing yourself to limits that will allow your body to change.  Last challenge is preparing and consuming healthy meals and snacks that are portioned properly.

This woman only does classes because she believes she doesn’t have the ability to push herself and create her own routine.  I don’t believe in “I Can’t”!  I don’t want to hear I can’t come out of anyone one of my followers mouth’s.  Say I can and try!  If you try you will eventually succeed.  Allow any failure to motivate you to try again.  Keep trying till you get it right!  When you want something bad enough you will find a way to start!  Push through your fears and the pain!  Start and do not stop!  Be proud that you started.  Continue on this journey and find the motivation within yourself to never say “I Can’t” again.

Start now!