Weight gain

So as my luck would have it instead of losing weight with Graves’ disease like most I have gained weight!  I thought because I wasn’t being strict with my healthy eating and 5-7 day a week exercise routine that I was gaining weight.  I did acknowledge that my appetite had increased tremendously.  At first I thought it was just Over eating due to PMS.  Then I realized that it was going beyond that.  I had no control.  Normally when I set my mind to something I can gain control fairly easy.  After seeing the endocrinologist I learned that a symptom of Grave’s is increased appetite.  It’s due to the over activity of the thyroid and your body signal’s it needs food to compensate for all of that activity.  This makes sense but I guess in some cases your body doesn’t signal to over eat you in turn loose weight.  I of course I lucked out with the opposite.  I try very hard to eat healthy but allow myself to enjoy some treats.  That is the life I was living when I reached my goal weight and was in the maintenance phase.  This is not helping me to loose weight but to maintain what I currently am.  As hard as it is not to be 140lbs I don’t think I look unhealthy or unattractive!  I was told by many I was too skinny at 140lbs but we all know we need to be the weight we are comfortable with!  I would like to loose some weight especially before summer but now my goals have changed.  I just want to educate myself more on this disease and find the best way to live a healthy life with it.

I am not the first with this disease or the symptoms I am experiencing so I will get to the bottom of what is best for my body!  I hope whatever you are struggling with you can be easy on yourself and not allow others to judge you!  Remain around friends and family that will truly support and love you!  With life’s complications you may unfortunately learn that some people you thought would love and support you won’t.  You will gain clarity!  You will be hurt and maybe even mad but trust me when I tell you that this is a good thing!  Believe what they are showing or telling you!  Be happy you now know who is really there for you and live your life appreciating those who really care capable of being there for you 100%!  Know your worth and love your yourself fully!



Jump Start

Some of us just need a push.  Need something to give us a jump start.  As you have heard me say a million times this is a journey.  That it is.  Everyone’s journey is unique!  I have take many of diet pills in my lifetime.  Some with success and other a complete waste of money.  I believe if you are going to commit to eating healthy and adding exercise to your routine you can achieve great results.  I know that some of us need a push or need to see results fast to keep on track.  If you are looking for a supplement to take and you live in Ocean or Monmouth county please check out Slim Fit X.  They are an amazing shop that will even provide when available a sample of the supplement so you can see if it works for your body.  Check out their website!  http://www.jerseyshoresupplements.com/  They have a store in Brick and one in Bradley Beach.

No judgement for take a supplement!  Whatever it take to start and stay on your journey is how you should get started.  To stay on this journey you will need to learn how to shop, cook and make good healthy food decisions.  Adding exercise will only enhance and speed up your results.

Because You Can!!


Before I started my journey I was not as confident or happy.  I walked around with resting bitch face way to often.  Not cool!  Not cool at all!  I hated the way I felt and knew I wanted to change that.  So slowly I changed the things I didn’t like about myself.  My body and my attitude!  I am so much happier with my life smiling.  In the beginning I would smile or say hello to people and some would look at me like I was crazy, others I think thought wanted more than just a friendly smile back and some would cautiously smile back.  I have to admit it was a conscious effort on my part to keep smiling and being friendly.  Now its just natural.

We should empower one another!  We are so judgemental of ourselves and others.  I work hard to not be so hard on myself and not to judge others.  I decided just from my experiences at the gym that woman should really be bringing one another up and not tearing each other down.  I work so very hard on my journey and I see so many others at the gym working hard.  Why not tell them I notice how hard they are working and see the changes in their body!  It always feels great to get a compliment so why would I give them as well!  Lets empower one another to continue on our journeys.  You never know what others are going through in their personal lives and just a simple smile or compliment could really change their day. It can be received to push a little harder too.  Maybe one more rep then you thought you had in you.  Maybe a little longer on the machine your working on.  Running a little faster or longer.  Smile!  Your even more beautiful when you smile:)

Happy 4th of July!

Keeping it Real!

Hello Followers,

I wanted to tell you a little of what I have been going though lately on my journey.  Every day is a journey as you all know.  Some days are great, some good and some well lets be honest crap days!  It can be food issues or motivation with exercise.  Finding the root of the cause is always important so you can honestly and quickly get back on track.  Don’t make excuses and don’t cover up for yourself.  Keep it real!  Get to the root!  Your not looking back on this journey as failed!  Your looking forward!  Your forging ahead!

Recently I have kinda just been going though the motions I would say.  I have been consistent with my food.  I treat myself to sweets but nothing out of my normal.  I have been going to the gym.  I have been pushing myself.  Running more miles than I have before and in quicker times.  So whats my issue you ask.  What the heck do I have to whine about.  Well nothing I guess but I want to keep it real…I haven’t felt inspired.  Not inspired to blog, not inspired even when I was running or eating right.  I have just felt blah!  About my workouts when they are good or even great!  I am blah about my healthy eating.  Even stuff I really like or love.  Even sweets!  I realized that I think it’s a combination of the change over to spring.  I am so so thankful that finally this week it has changed!  I feel my blah mood lifting!  I also think it’s how busy my life is and therefore my mind.  Sometimes our routines just become blah!

Daylight lasts longer, the sun is going to be out more and the temperature warmer!  All of those things mean less clothes.  Less covering up what we are self conscious about.  Yikes right!?!  Keep it real with yourself!  If it is yikes get out of your blah routine.  Get online look up some new recipes, go to the library take out some healthy cookbooks!  My favorite thing ever…get on Pinterest and look up some recipes or workout routines!  Get on your bike, take a walk or run!  Workout with a friend.  Inspire someone to start their own journey!

Here is a new recipe for you!  I added a tiny splash of olive oil and white wine vinegar.  Add your favorite vinegar!


I have been thinking…

So I was thinking…I talk a lot about being motivated and drive.  That is something the comes from within a person.  I also believe that it comes with knowledge.  Comfort and familiarity.  When I first started going to the gym I only did cardio and only got on 2 of the machines of the 8 they have to offer.  I didn’t dare try something new!  I could fall off lol!  I might look silly because I don’t know how to use it correctly!  It might be too hard for me to do!

The other thing I talk about is change!  If what you’re doing isn’t bringing the change you’re looking for then do something new!  I eventually mustered up the confidence to try out all of those machines.  I also learned how to use free weights and all of the other machines in my gym.  I actually enjoy all of them now!  I used to get on my old faithful machines and watch almost study the people on the machines I wanted to learn.  I found the courage to get on and hit the green button.  The green button has to start the darn thing right?  Well guess what?  It did!  It wasn’t hard either!  It was such a nice change from the same machines I had been doing for all that time!  So machine by machine I learned them all.  I will admit I have my favorites and use those the most.  As for the free weights and machines I did the same thing.  I watched closely trying to in grain into my mind what the person was doing.  I realized once I got close enough to the machine that there was this really cool picture on the side and directions!  HUH!  Who would have known lol!  With the picture/directions and watching others I was on my way.  I gained confidence over time and when I saw a familiar face I would ask them for help.  Free weights took a bit more work.  I looked a lot up online and tried the motion at home.  I also would sometimes pin them on my Pinterest and bring my phone in to the gym to refer to them while there.  With knowledge comes power they say…  With my knowledge, comfort & drive I now have power and by power I mean I actually have some muscles:)

I hope this blog helps you to realize what you don’t know shouldn’t scare you it should challenge you to find a way to get to know something new!

Happy Monday!  Make it a good week!

So it began…

So in the beginning of my journey I watched every weight loss episode of Dr. Oz as well as googled weight loss, recipes etc.  I wanted to get as much information as I could.  I yearned for it!  I wanted to be informed!  If this was going to be a lifestyle change I needed to figure out how to make that possible.  I had to learn how to change my styles of cooking and grocery shopping!  I had to learn how to have restraint living in a household with two small children that didn’t need to loose weight!  Not to mention that their diet mainly consists of pretzals, PB&J, chicken nuggets and french fries.  Those things might sound gross to you but when your first starting this journey anything that isn’t “healthy” is tempting!

First, I read Haylie Pomroy’s book The Fast metabolism Diet.  It was a good read!  I really thought her information about our body chemistry and having a work up done to tell you what your numbers are lacking was really interesting.  I didn’t feel that I needed to go that route but made note for if there is a need in the future!  She writes in phases which is helpful for many!  She also gives you food lists which are a great tool!  I bought the foods that I was willing to eat.  Some foods I never ate before some that I was willing to try again just because I knew they were good for me.  Really having a better understanding about why certain foods are good for you helped me to be willing to try something new.  I stuck with certain foods and now love them.  If you asked me 2 years ago about eating kale and drinking green tea I would have laughed literally in your face and went to the freezer to get the ice cream out and a spoon!  No need for a bowl because there was no portion control!

Second I read one of Chris Powell’s books.  It was about carb cycling.  I am not a stupid girl but I have to admit it was a lot to think about so much so that I knew immediately it wouldn’t work for me.  That said I took his advice about how much water I should be drinking to heart!  Half your body weight in ounces a day!  I also looked over his food lists and seeing the crossover from Haylie’s book I made even more of an effort to buy and learn to like some of those foods.  I am sure many of you know Heidi and Chris and his show Extreme Weight loss so having watched you know he is someone to respect!

Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live books are the final books I will mention.  He has a great concept and offers many recipes!  I really enjoyed learning his weight loss techniques and took what I was capable of from what I read.  I still have many of his recipes that I made copies of and make all the time!

So, I encourage you to check out some of these books if you haven’t already!  You don’t have to invest a cent into this…just borrow them from the library!  Do research!  Soak up this information and allow it to encourage you towards a healthy path.  Be informed!  The more informed you are the more you will want this!  Another way to become driven is to challenge yourself to eat things you normally wouldn’t!  Go a step further and learn to like them and incorporate them into your daily life!  I need to be truthful with all of you reading this blog…I was honest with myself when reading all of these books!  I knew I couldn’t follow any one of their plans so I took what I was capable of from each plan and incorporated it into my life with exercise and so my journey began!

Watch this!!   http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/how-get-your-fat-eat-itself

Winter Blah’s

We all get into ruts right?  I know I do!  Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything!  Not shopping, cooking, working out…ANYTHING!  So where do you get your motivation to stay on track?  Find your drive within yourself!  Speak to yourself!  Maybe not out loud…I don’t want you looking crazy!  Tell yourself over and over that this is the journey you want and you want that more than feeling defeated by your winter blah’s!  Get on the internet or pinterest and look up some new recipes and make a list for the grocery store!  Put the music on and dance around your kitchen cooking up some new recipes that will spark your taste buds!

Get on Itunes and download a few free podcasts or music that will make you want to move!  I don’t know what I would do without my podcasts!  I allow the music to be a huge motivator for me!  I will jog a little faster or do a few more reps if the music moves me!

If you don’t belong to a gym the winter is the best time to go to a gym and ask for a free week pass!  Use the pass to change things up for yourself!  You might love it so much it might become your “church” like it is mine:)  Tired of the gym use the cable you pay all that money for and go to your ON DEMAND and do an exercise routine of your choice.  I used to do Julian Michael’s 30 day shred routines after I had my first child.  It kicked my butt!

I am not going to lie to you all…I am not a class girl at the gym.  I found that when my journey first began I would find the one person in the class that didn’t want to be there as much as I didn’t and slack off.  I push myself much more on my own.  I know that isn’t the case for everyone so know your strengths and stick with it!  If you normally don’t do well on your own try getting on a machine next to someone who you feel is similar in capabilities as yourself and try to exceed what they are doing!  I know that might sound a little crazy but check out what pace they are walking or jogging at.  Look at their time, check out their mileage and make it make you want more!  Exceed what they are doing!  Stand next to the person that kicks ass in the class and try to keep up with them!  Everything is mind over matter!  Let your mind take over and be strong!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Not too much valentine’s candy!  If you do have it watch your portions and try to go for the dark chocolate!  My favorite is dark chocolate covered walnuts!  YUM!