Willpower and perspective!

So sometimes on this journey we need to be reminded that we are on a journey!  Well let me speak for myself…I did!  I was eating good and going to the gym every day.  This is going to sound almost laughable but I was making good decisions but eating way too much of them.  I lost my perspective on portion size and calorie intake.  I needed to gain my perspective back!  How better to do that then to go back to the beginning!  I got back on my fitness pal setting my goals and in just a day I gained so much perspective on what I had been putting in my mouth!  Those healthy choices were great but the portion size was too much.  I needed some retraining.  I have been enjoying putting everything I eat in the my fitness pal app and planning my meals. Knowing how many calories I have left is a nice way to make a good decision about my snacks and meals.  I also showed myself once again how much willpower I have.  I can leave food alone simply because I know that I want to enjoy the meal I am going to be making for dinner or the special snack I know I have enough calories left to have.  Exercising really helps me to add calories to my day and allows me to enjoy a trip to Hoffman’s Ice Cream with my kids:)  I did that today but it didn’t come without hard work at the gym and without thought about my calorie intake for all other meals and snacks today.

There will be times during this journey that you will need to stop and recognize that your perspective is off and maybe your willpower has been wavering but if you can get back on track this journey will be forever.  Denial will only force you to undo all the good you have done.