Set for the week

Yes it is a beautiful day why am I in the house cooking!?! I had to work today so meal prep got done too! I made these no bake treats! Here is the recipe: 3/4 almond butter or peanut butter,tbsp honey or maple syrup, 1 tsp. Vanilla. Warm that for 20 seconds in the microwave. Mix then Add 3/4 oats and 3tsp chia seeds. You can add other stuff too. I put 2tsp of flaxseed and 2tbsp of dark chocolate chips. Roll into small balls then flatten or keep round and refrigerate. Great easy snack!
I also made one of my favorite breakfast or even lunches. Egg white quiches. Egg whites seasonings of your choice and veggies cooked or not and put in ramekins or muffin tins. I bake for about 20-25 mins on 350. This morning I didn’t have anything prepared so I had a frozen turkey sausage and egg white pita. It is 150 calories and I ate mine with pico de Gallo and avocado. I have really been enjoying a big salad and I take a piece of Swiss cheese and lay smoked turkey on top and roll it tight and slice it. I add that to my salad. Protein and the cheese makes me feel like I am cheating but I am not! Today I had a cabbage salad with it.
Planning to hit the pavement this afternoon and either take a jog or ride my bike! Enjoy this beautiful day! #becauseican


The struggle was real today!

So today I went to the gym. I just didn’t want to be there. I got on the bike and I peddled at a moderate pace then realized I had to write this post. How could I let all of you down. I had to workout for an hour and I had to take it serious if I was committing to this journey! I finished my workout on the treadmill. I started walking on a 15 incline then jogged. I ended with a full on sprint! Yup ended up feeling great about my workout! Thank you to my followers for holding me accountable!
I bought myself this coconut milk based drink I really enjoy! It’s like dessert to me. It does have 170 calories and if you know me I don’t believe in drinking your calories. I usually drink half and save the rest for another day! It does need to be shaken very well and kept cold! I told myself right before I started my journey that I was going to have a protein drink once a week to supplement a meal. That hasn’t happened. I soooo like to chew my food! I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around drinking a meal. As long as I prepare and eat good balanced healthy meals I can’t beat myself up about something so trivial! Hope your having a great day! I would love to hear about your workout today! Inspire me and others! #becauseican

Recipe inspiration

So I was scrolling on IG the other day and came across this picture. Everything about this platter looked amazing to me! I created my version of it tonight for dinner with what I had. I did my potato slices in my air fryer and the oven. Air fryer potato slices came out better in my opinion. I had plum tomatoes so I cut them up with my cucumbers and dressed them in vinegar and a tiny sprinkle of evoo. I swapped broccoli for string beans. Just had those yesterday. I cooked my salmon on the stove in a teriyaki sauce I got from Trader Joe’s. I last minute cut up avocado to go with cucumber and tomato because I had one that was getting to the point that if I didn’t use it that it would go bad. What a wonderful meal! The vegetables were amazing! I could have just had them!
Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration from a magazine,Pinterest or IG to figure out a new meal. Eating the same thing is easy for calorie counting but birding as hell so switch it up! Hope you had a yummy dinner like me!


So we are about to go into March…I can smell spring:)  Spring means we are that much closer to wearing less clothes!  No more baggy sweaters and sweats!  Get on track.  If your journey has remained on track then I say keep on keeping on.  Don’t forget to switch up your workout routines for the best results.  I switch up my routines every month to month and a half.  Right now I am focusing on glutes and abs.  I add cardio and arms in but my main focus is glutes and abs.  Find your target areas on your body that you want to work on and work on perfecting exercises to get you to your goals.

Don’t hide behind your sweaters anymore.  Get your diet right!  This is a journey.  Remember even if you have gotten off track its ok!  Just take every opportunity to get back on track.  Don’t say I will start tomorrow.  If you realize your off track the next thing you put in your mouth should be the start to getting back on your journey.  It starts with picking the right foods to cook.  Preparing your foods so you don’t set yourself up for failure when time gets in the way.  Commit to exercise!  If you exercise the weight will come off quicker.  If you have an injury or reason your can’t workout than your food has to be on point!  Follow me on pinterest!  I have a board for healthy recipes and a board for exercise routines.  I know how difficult it can be know what to cook or how to cook so if you follow me you will see I have tried several recipes on my board.  Drink your water and if you haven’t tried it yet try drinking hot green tea each day.

My pinterest name is Meghan Woodruff